Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Winds Of Change Are Blowing......

Now that we're well into our second year of life here in Panamá we feel it's time for some changes.  Since we've become a plethora of useful information on the how to's of making this country home, we've decided to spread our wings and fly.  With this blog site getting overly congested with our many postings, we thought we'd combine our first year and spread it out among the greater population.  Giving birth to a new born web page that allows access to our first year in Panamá along with videos for a nominal fee.  Our "tell it like it is" approach will blossom into videos published across the web to reach a world wide audience.  Here we'll offer the service of of our knowledge which has grown from every day life as expats living here.  Not professing to know it all, we can only share the challenges and experiences we've already had by taking the plunge into early retirement to Panamá.

Please check out our introduction video explaining what we have to offer.  We thought the neighbors' rooster crowing almost on cue at the end added a nice touch.  After many takes our Panamanian neighbor across the street began yelling at her son Jose.  Bringing a smile to my face I was caught off guard but we decided to leave it in as a simple reminder of what life really is like here...along the gringo trail.

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