Thursday, January 2, 2014

Country Carribean Sounds Come To Panama......

Last night was the premiere performance of Clyde's Tiki Bar at Picasso's Bar and Grill in Coronado, Panama.  Long-time singer and guitarist Clyde had been longing to get back into playing music for a while now, and came up with an idea.  He thought he'd do a combination of island sounds with a little country thrown into the mix.  His repertoire will mentally take you to the islands where you'll stick your toes in the water while having a drink at Margaritaville.  Life in Panama is full of endless summers where no shoes or shirts are no problem, and tequila seems to make clothes fall off.

Having fun at the Tiki Bar
The Tiki Bar
Ready for Action!
Tiki Bar
Speaker Stand

As one of the songs says, "my only worry in the world... is the tide gonna reach my chair," says it clearly. Clyde's music expresses how we've changed our attitude with our change in latitude when we moved her to embrace a slower pace of life.

Tiki "Groupies" Terry and Nancy

Phil And His Cervaza with "Tiki Clyde"

Chatting with some "Tiki Peeps"

He played hits from artists like Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffet, The Zac Brown Band, Blake Shelton, George Strait, Toby Keith, Joe Nichols and more. It was standing room only for Picasso's 5-7 pm Happy Hour as the crowd ate, drank and enjoyed chillin' with friends to Clyde's music.

John and Bobby
Clyde's Inspirations....Two Talented Musicians!

Clyde dedicated his life to serving the public for 30 years in Corpus Christi, Texas where we worked as a firefighter and paramedic.  Although it’s hard to believe to those that know him now, he claims to have been painfully shy as a youth.  During his 30’s he volunteered as a youth minister working with kids in The United Methodist Church. It was during this time that he taught himself to play the guitar through a self-help book. Eventually he was leading music and singing to the public in church, a feat that helped him greatly to overcome his shyness. “I had to allow myself to make mistakes and realize I wouldn’t be perfect,” said Clyde.  “There’s bound to be mistakes when performing in front of a live audience and I had to accept that it would be ok,” he added. He progressed to Music Director of another church where he led a praise group for several years. Today Clyde is outgoing and friendly and even with the language barrier in Panama, no one is a stranger.

"Dashing Daniel"
Tiki Peep

So we welcomed in the New Year with a new passion for Clyde as he revived a long-time of dream of his playing music again.  This will probably be the beginning of many more performances of Clyde's Traveling Tiki Bar in Panama.....along the gringo trail.


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