Monday, June 2, 2014

A Butterfly By Any Other Name.......

A butterfly by any other name would be a "mariposa" here in Panama.  With lush, tropical plants and flowers every where there is no shortage of these amazing little creatures around our home.  But while visiting the town of El Valle de Anton yesterday we stopped to check out some at Butterfly Haven.

Since these tiny delights need little room to spread their wings, Butterfly Haven is small but set up nicely.  The gravel path led us through plants featured specifically with the butterflies in mind, along with a small, lovely water feature. But since pictures sometimes say much more than words I'll let Clyde's array of photos speak for themselves.  While several of the butterflies posed for our convenience the one we really tried to capture was the Blue Morpho butterfly.  The very first time we spotted a Blue Morpho in the wild was when we were driving through a national park.  Having never before seen a blue butterfly at first it looked like a piece of blue paper flying high above our car. But a closer watch made us realize we now live with blue creatures flying overhead, to delight our senses.

So browse through our collection of photos and check out the link below to Butterfly Haven.  The creatures, plants, and beauty of Panama still amaze us on a daily basis every where we go.....along the gringo trail.

A sitting area outside the Butterfly Enclosure
An exiting look at the Butterfly Enclosure

This was a nice water feature

It's Feeding Time

The Elusive Blue Morpho
This is the underside of the wings
of a Blue Morpho

My Butterfly Princess

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