Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An Emotional Visit To The Killing Fields......Cambodia

Part of the reason that we love to travel is to learn about the culture, customs and people of wherever we go. Today we took an emotional journey to Choeung Ek better known to the world as, "The Killing Fields."  During the Communist Khmer Rouge under the guidance of leader Pol Pot, it is estimated the 1-3 million people were executed between 1974 and 1979 following the end of the Cambodian Civil War. It is said that ONE out of every FOUR people living during that time was captured, tortured, questioned and eventually died a slow, horrible death. Pol Pot ordered the capture and death of anyone that looked intellectual or wore eye glasses; anyone with soft hands; anyone connected with the former government, monks, children or most anyone else he felt like having killed.

Clyde and I were amazed to realize that this all happened during our lifetime when I was in high school.  Surely we'd heard about it back then on the news but being young probably didn't think much about who was being killed in the foreign land called Cambodia. Certainly I never, ever imagined that I'd be standing in that very area where massive graves were dug and bodies were buried. To explore the killing fields we were provided with free audio headsets that gave us information along the way.

A Memorial Building Full Of Human Skulls

Seventeen Layers Of Human Skulls
A Total Of 9000 Skulls In Here Alone

Personal Belongs Found From Those Executed

Human Bones

Human Teeth

Sectioned Off Areas Where Heavy Rains Still Today Wash Up Human Remains
Clothing And More.  Waling Around We Did See Traces Of Bone

Washed Up Clothing From Those Buried Here

 Nearby we visited a former high school that was turned into a prison and torture chamber.  There we walked through the actual rooms and cells of those held captive. Known as the S-21 Prison Camp some 20,000 men, women and children were held against their will, shackled together or to metal beds where they were questioned. This place was even creepier than the killing fields.  Here we could still see the blood on the walls, ceilings and floors that splattered from the prisoners being tortured. The metal beds where they were shackled and tortured and the small metal boxes where their human waste was put when they were allowed to relieve themselves.  And then there were walls lined with photos of prisoners being tortured to leave a realistic, horrific image in our minds that we will probably never forget.

This Used To Be A High School That Was Later Turned
Into A Prison Camp

Former Playground Equipment Turned Into Torture Devices
Captives Were Hung Upside Down On Ropes And Attached To This Wood Beam
Water Was Sprayed Into Their Faces Then They Were Dipped
Head First Into Those Large Pots That Were Filled With Human Feces And Water

Statue Of A Prisoner With Hands Tied Behind His Back

Inside The Prison Camp
Metal Beds With Shackles And The Box Was Their Toilet

Gruesome Photos

Blood Stains On Floors

More Victims

Prisoners Were Shackled Together In Twos Or Fours

Another Building

Cells Where Captives Slept On The Floor
One Man Told The Story That If He Missed The Box When Relieving Himself He Was Forced To Lick It Off The Floor Until It Was Clean

More Skulls

Wrist Bands To Show Respect For Victims

This Man Is One Of The Few Remaining Survivors

Yes travel is meant not only for enjoyment but to change one's inner being from the soul outward. To remember how one communist leader could devastate an entire country and change it forever.  The Cambodia of today is vastly different from those days.  But despite the peaceful nature of Cambodia today there are still landmines out there being discovered.  Hopefully we'll manage to avoid any since that might be just a bit more excitement than we're looking for these days while exploring Cambodia.....along the gringo trail.

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