Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Today In Tuscany......Chilly And Rainy....

As one of the dogs barks outside the large, glass door we can see his breath visibly in the cold, morning air.  It's a brisk 42F or 6C degrees outside our Tuscan-style farmhouse that is presently our temporary home. We watch as the sun rises over the medieval village of Pieve a Socana that sits just a few steps from our house is Rassina. From what the homeowner told us before she left on holiday there are Etruscan relics dating back some 10,000 years or more sitting right next door to us in the old buildings.  She in fact found an ancient axe head while walking the dogs one day out behind the house.  From what she was told by historians in the museum to where it now sits, there were only two of these in the entire world and they dated it over 10,000 years old.  What an amazing part of Tuscany where the ancient world meets modern times. 

The View From Our House
Our Current Temporary Home

Mana (ma-NAH) The White Dog, The Black Dog Is Gassi

The Alpacas .....The Tall White One: Champagne, The One Eyed White One: Pomino, The Brown One: Merlot, and the Black One, Nicula.

Mana Doing What She Does Best...The Pack Leader

Gassi Sleeping When He's Not Begging For Food

About a thirty minute drive from this little town sits the larger city of Arezzo. Complete with mega-malls, movie theaters and all the modern conveniences of life it's just a short drive to hilltop castles, where ghosts of yesteryear roam the halls.

While we are usually out exploring most everyday the weather has been horrible here.  Heavy rains, thunder, lightning and cold temperatures have blanketed the area.  And since our walks with the dogs mean trudging through a field of tall, wet grass we even went out looking for waterproof boots.  We stumbled upon an amazing superstore called, "Decathlon." This place features sporting goods, camping, hunting, scuba, ballet, karate, boating, camping, exercise equipment, protein products, winter wear and SO much more.  There we found gloves, hats, wool socks, boots just to name a few things all at very reasonable prices. Despite our minimalistic way of life with only a few carry-on suitcases, we soon discovered that we would indeed need winter wear. Especially since we'll be heading to the UK after Italy where we have house sits booked though March.  Our last sit lands us in Scotland where surely we'll be experiencing arctic air.

The Pellet Stove Keeps The Dining Room Warm

Wood Burner In Living Room Upstairs

So our new way of thinking is to ditch much of our summer clothing to fit in our winter stuff.  And since shopping for clothes in foreign countries is all part of the fun of travel, this gives us permission to do just that.

I do have to admit that our walks with the dogs here are mostly just Clyde.  After two days of monsoon like rains he trekked through flowing river-like streams up through the wooded trails with two, large, longhaired wet, smelly dogs. Then he's out tending to four fluffy alpacas in the early mornings and again in the evenings.  They eat a mix of dehydrated beets soaked in water, cut up apples and carrots, hay and alpaca food.  So Clyde has become a bit of a country boy here shucking hay, out walking with hunting dogs, and starting fires in the wood and pellet stoves to keep us toasty warm. And to think ALL of this from a man who never REALLY lived in a cold climate before.

Flooded Trails Through Woods Where Clyde Walked The Dogs

Yesterday the sun was out in the morning so we ventured over to the town of Poppi to see the famous castle.  The picturesque little village was lined with stone houses and narrow cobblestoned streets that lie beneath the large estate above. But the castle was closed so we'll have to return another day.  At least it was only a twenty minute drive away so not a big deal.  Then we headed over to explore the city of Arezzo, just for something to do.  After a while the rains started again so we stopped for lunch at a pizzeria before heading back to the house. Clyde enjoyed some pasta topped with a white truffle sauce, something he's come to love about Italy. I savored some spinach and ricotta filled ravioli which are rather common here, topped with a red sauce. Each meal was just 5 euros each and there was NO charge to use the table, which is customary throughout Europe.

Poppi Castle

Beautiful Tuscany.....Town Of Poppi

Car Sharing In Arezzo.....One Seater Electric Cars To Rent In The Parking Lots

But fear not devoted blog followers because surely one of these days we'll get out to explore the beautiful countryside, hilltop towns and castles of Tuscany and share it all right here......along the gringo trail.

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  1. We love reading about your adventures! We hope we will see you at an IL event one of these days! Enjoy! Al & Jo Anne


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