Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Around The World......

Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas in our temporary home
We sold all we had and are now free to roam
We have not a tree or decorations to share
Because our house is our suitcase with no room to spare

We travel this big world with so much to see
To house sit the world in homes that are free
Our nomadic lifestyle can be stressful yet fun
To be squashed in coach seats and through airports we run

Yet what to my wandering eyes should appear?
But the sights of a new country to visit my dear

From the great pyramids of Egypt so massive and old
To the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem, we’re told
Our amazing adventures all over the place
Brought tears to our eyes and put a smile on our face

From cool, London England in the UK we saw
Palaces of the Royals, Big Ben and much more
Then it was off to Scotland, land of bagpipes and plaid
Though we never found Nessie in Loch Ness, how sad

Ireland is so green, and no traveler should miss
Its famous castle in Blarney to give it a kiss
While kissing the stone is really quite fab
The kisser will inherit the gift of the gab

Our travels continued to Europe you see
Where we house sat through Spain for not one month but three
From the white sandy beaches on the Mediterranean shore
From Alicante to Madrid, Pamplona, Valencia, Barcelona and more

A quick flight to the country of Morocco for sure
Where we explored the markets and kasbahs galore
From Casablanca, where Rick’s cafĂ© lies
To Fes, Marrakesh and Rabat’s clear blue skies

The temples of Egypt awaited our flight
That landed in Cairo during the night
Nearby the great pyramids of Giza we saw, as we stood in their Presence We were really in awe
Although riding a camel had filled me with dread as I feared when he Sat Down I would fall off, on my head

Then on to Luxor where we embarked on a cruise that went down the Nile, We had nothing to lose
From temples to tombs, oh my what a sight
Then to the beaches along the Red Sea, oh what a delight.

Over two months we lived in Egypt for free, caring for animals along the Red Sea
With the money we saved by house sitting for free we could afford to Splurge and go on a spree

Since Israel was practically right out the door we headed that way for Holy Land tour
We walked the steps that Jesus once took as it was recorded so long Ago,  In the Holy Book
From where he was born in the manger he lay, to the tomb where he Was Buried, rose and pushed the stone away.

Then off to the Canary Islands we flew for a house sit in Fuerteventura With waters so blue
Palm trees, sand dunes, surfers and more with mountains and Volcanoes in the background to explore

Lisbon, Portugal was our next flight to explore the city and rest for a Few Nights.
The Algarve region is popular for sure with retiree’s from elsewhere Looking for more

Christmas will find us in Portugal you know, house sitting with dogs Without any snow
The New Year will come in with a thrill, in Munich, Germany where we Surely will chill
Fireworks will take over the city with ease where Clyde and Terry surely Will freeze

But travel the world we wanted to do, there’s so much to see for me And For you
Life is so short to wait for that DAY, to do what we dreamed of, so do it Today

It was Christmas in Panama a few years ago, then last year in England With traces of snow
Now we’re in Portugal and next year do we know? Not yet but surely it Will be someplace we’ve been wanting to go

Merry Christmas to ALL from our temporary home, from two retired nomads with so far to roam.

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