Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Through The Looking Glass......

Once upon a time in a far away land called Chame, there lived a beautiful princess named Mangoresa.  The princess and her Knight in Shining Armor lived in a cement castle surrounded by gorgeous gardens and fabulous fruit trees.  Her prince tried to make the princess happy but she was saddened when giant bugs would make their way into her humble abode, since there was no glass in the windows.  But one fine day in the merry month of May that all changed.  The local glass company sent two dark complected lads over with sheets of glass.  They placed the glass and frames into the window slots so the prince and the princess can live happily ever after.  So why then is this fair maiden still unhappy?  Because the young window installers failed to put screens into the windows.  How then can this fragile, fair maiden frolic happily around her castle with bugs nibbling on her sweet, mango flavored skin? 

Alas, the young, hard-bodied window installers shall return to the castle mañana armed with screens in hand.  These will shield the damsel in distress from the colossal creatures crawling around the crevices of the creaky castle, making the perfect princesses' pout perk-up into a pleasant smile.  The fair young maiden and her pleasing prince will then live happily ever after, plodding along their path in Panamá...along the gringo trail.

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