Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update On Recovery.....

Today marks two weeks since my total abdominal hysterectomy and I'm doing just fine.  Saw the doctor yesterday for the results of my pathology report, which showed no signs of cancer!  But he did tell me that I was lucky because the type of lesion found on my right ovary is fast growing, and would have turned into cancer soon.  And the pre-cancerous cells found in my uterus could have also potentially developed into cancer in the future. So perhaps the gut feeling that I had was right, when I decided to go ahead with the surgery as soon as possible?

The doctor also said that in all his years as a gynecologist, he's never seen anyone recover as quickly as I have.  He kept shaking his head and laughing at how easily I was moving around and giving him a hard time.  In other words I was just being my normal self.  He began writing what looked like a prescription and I asked "what's that for?"  He said "for secretions," but I protested "I don't have any secretions."  He just looked up at me and gave me that serious "doctor look" the kind that says "just do what I say."  My darling husband had to interject by saying "and I have to live with her 24/7 doctor."  The doctor smiled and said "sorry for you."  So then I shut up and said "yes doctor."  After all he did just perform a pelvic exam and perhaps noticed some secretions so using a cream at bedtime won't kill me. 

I wore a dress to the appointment since I expected to be examined and thought it would be easy to just lift up.  But I did have panties to remove and complained to the doctor that he really needed a chair to put clothes on.  He pointed to the hook on the wall which seemed like a strange place to hang my panties for all to see.  Ok so the hook was in a nook of the room and since it was just the doctor and me in the room, this really was a silly concern.  It was just the woman in me putting a feminine touch into a room designed by a man.  Or as Clyde might say I was just looking for something to complain about, perhaps just being me.

But I have noticed that after being active for a few hours I do get tired and need to rest.  Some days I've gone for the two mile morning walk with Clyde and Venus, and other days we've shopped for groceries.  And I do understand that lifting is still something that will have to wait due to internal and external stitches. So life goes on just a bit more slowly as we've completed yet another adventure.....along the gringo trail.

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