Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Taxing Day In The City.......

Made another trip into the city to visit the tax office on Tuesday.  The office on the seventh floor was indeed open this time, although we had to wait until the lady near the elevator allowed us to go upstairs. Apparently only so many people are allowed up to this office at one time. Once inside the little office we waited in line and when it was his turn Clyde presented his case at the window.  On the way out a man overheard our conversation in English and interjected with his comments in English.  The man said taxes are his specialty and handed Clyde his business card.  On the card the man's title was listed as a "gestor," a new word to us so I did some research.

gestor:  person who carries out dealings with public bodies on behalf of private customers or companies, combining the roles of solicitor and accountant.
GESTOR The job of the gestor is concerned with completing the often complex bureaucratic paperwork and procedures involved in (for example) completing a mortgage deed, filing a tax return, or applying for a range of official permits. Both legal and financial knowledge is required, and a degree such as Law, Economics, Politics or Business is a necessary qualification. Currently the profession is under pressure from lawyers and others who seek to take over many of their traditional functions, but the job of gestor remains a fixture in the world of Spanish business and administration.
Perhaps the coincidence of meeting this gestor is just what we need to solve the tax issue?  After all it was our first lawyer that screwed up the paperwork in the first place when we bought the house.  Then another lawyer that supposedly fixed the problem, but only with one office and left the rest up to us. If you remember from previous blogs our situation is this. 
In the meantime October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I'm off to have the tatas squished today.  Last year we stumbled upon a lab in the town of La Chorrera that offers mammograms for $25 in October, the usual price being $60. This year when I called for an appointment they said that the radiologist had to be present, because I have implants. Understanding Spanish on the phone is even harder than in person so I gave up and we drove to the lab yesterday. The doctor gave me an appointment for today at noon, so off we'll go once again. While in Panama City the other day we stopped at San Fernando Lab and they had signs all over announcing mammograms for $40 or $45 with implants along with PSA tests for men at $25. They insisted I have an order from a doctor so we couldn't have it done there, just as well since the price was so much higher. Yesterday I noticed my gynecologists truck parked outside of his office in Coronado so I stopped in to say hi and have him write an order for a mammogram, just in case I needed one. And yesterday Clyde walked into a local lab close to home and asked for a PSA test to be done.  For just $16 they drew his blood and he can pick up the results today in the afternoon.

Lots of busy day in retirement that always make me wonder how in the world I ever had time to work.  And so we'll see what other adventures come our way today....along the gringo trail.

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