Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rollin' On The River.....

Yesterday for the first time we ventured out in our NEW...two- year old kayaks.  Let me explain!  Soon after we moved to Panama me being fitness conscious decided we should buy kayaks. It would provide us with exercise, something to do, and a way to explore the beautiful waterways throughout the country.  Immediately we ordered some from Price Smart, a local warehouse members only store and a few weeks later we picked them up.

It was simple for me to come up with this great idea, but now how to attach them to the top of our car for transport, well that was Clyde's problem. We found the brackets needed at a local car parts store in Panama City to hold the kayaks on top of the car.  But they wanted the ridiculous price of $130.00 each for them,  we needed two and the store only had one. So Clyde knew he could come up with some other way much cheaper.  Then as it happens life got in the way. We bought this house, moved out of the rental house and ended up remodeling the whole thing. Painted every room, changed out ceiling tiles, ceiling fans, lights, a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel before we were done. Not to mention the acre of outside space that Clyde takes care of.  Plenty of mowing, trimming, picking up fruit, burning brush, replanting and so much more. 

Getting Ready To Go
Clyde's New Kayak Rack
Fast forward two and a half years and Clyde came up with a rack design made out of PVC pipe to attach to the top of the car for mounting the kayaks. Yesterday was our maiden voyage on the Rio Chame.  Winds were calm, the day was gorgeous as they all are and sunny and we headed just a few miles up the road to the turnoff. We drove through the little town of Cabuya where the locals were pulling large float parts out of a garage in preparation of their celebration of Carnival next month. The road dead ends at the river where a few street dogs were lazily hanging out and locals kids were playing in the water.

Terry Ready To Paddle Her Butt Off
Some Locals Under A Bohio Along The River
More Locals Enjoying The Day
After scoping out the situation we took down the kayaks and pulled them down to the river.  I immediately noticed millions of tiny tadpoles swimming nearby and was thankful that I was wearing water shoes so they didn't nibble on my feet. After mounting the boats we paddled down stream having to stop at one point where the water was too shallow.  We had to walk over the rocks pulling the boats behind us, me struggling and Clyde had to help with the heavy load. Once again we paddled some more until we realized the water was just too shallow and rocky, so we turned around and went the other way. We explored in the other direction until we hit a dead end there too. This is the dry season and since we haven't had any rain in months water levels are low.  But the kayaks handled great in only a few inches of water and felt very stable.

A Tadpole In Clyde's Hand
 Many More Tadpoles
Chame River

Terry Paddlin' Up Ahead

Captain Clyde

Headin' Into A Tiny Inlet.  Clyde Had To Pull Me Out Since It Was Too Narrow
 To Turn The Kayaks Around And Too Narrow To Keep Going

So at least we've had our trial run now and we'll see where we head on our next kayak adventure.....along the gringo trail.

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