Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Love Is In The Air And The Joys Of International Living.......

Love was in the air on Sunday as Clyde and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary.  My knight in shining armor took me to the very fancy Hilton Hotel that sits along the waterfront in Panama City.  Our room overlooked the water and featured a king sized bed and plenty of room to stretch out in comfort and style. For dinner that night I was instructed to order anything that I wanted off the menu. Clyde said, "and we don't even have to share a meal tonight." We both decided on ricotta and spinach ravioli alongside a glass of red wine. For one of the few times in our lives we didn't have to worry about the prices on the menu since we weren't paying anyway.  Yes that's right the whole weekend was free for us since I was a featured expat speaker at the International Living Fast Track Panama Conference. 

With over 400 attendees the conference was sold out once again!  People come from all over the US and Canada to hear expat speakers, and the International Living staff.  Also in attendance are an assortment of realtors, tour companies, lawyers, a Spanish school, investment firms and so much more.

My talk was on Sunday morning and I was given 20-minutes along with a power point presentation to tell our story. Throughout the rest of the conference that ran from mid-day on Friday through late on Sunday, Clyde and I chatted with the attendees.  We sat at a table with a sign that indicated who we are, "Coronado Area Expats," and enjoyed chatting with conference goers when they were on break.
We welcomed questions that attendees had about a little bit of everything and gladly shared our story and ideas with them.  I think they appreciate our, "tell it like it is" attitude since we don't hold much back.  There is no perfect place to live and they need to weigh all the options before deciding for themselves.

As usual it was a great opportunity for me to mingle with the International National Living editorial staff.  While most I'd met in previous years during the conference there are always new faces.  Many of the IL staff lives in Ireland since that's where the company is based but others live all over the world. I had not met the current editor that I submit articles to so it was lovely to get to know her in person.  She is as sweet in person as she in via email. It's hard to imagine that I've been writing for International Living for over four years now as a freelance writer. It will continue to be a skill that I can do from anywhere in the world as Clyde and I begin to travel more through our house sitting adventures. I'm thankful for the connections that I have with the International Living family and hope to work with them for many years to come.

For Clyde and I the whole concept of living abroad has presented us with many more opportunities than we'd ever imagined. Surely I never imagined becoming a travel writer in my retirement years of living in Panama and enjoying the benefits of International Living.......along the gringo trail.

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