Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Exploring Hong Kong....And Back To Bangkok

While visiting Thailand we decided to look into flights to neighboring countries and when I realized we could hop over to Hong Kong for cheap, we said, "why not?" Just a two and a half hour flight from Bangkok we booked two round-trip flights to Hong Kong International for just $360. Then Clyde decided to use his points accumulated on the United Airlines card which brought the total down to just $248. In order to use the points he booked the flight through United Airlines and received a confirmation email which made it look like all was good.

We made our way to Bangkok Airport with plenty of time to spare and proceeded to check in for our flight on Thai Airlines. The agent asked for our "ticket number," which Clyde could not seem to find on the information, just a confirmation number.  Frustrated we stepped out of the line and attempted to call United Airlines to inquire about our tickets.  After being on hold for 40 minutes the call was answered only to tell us we needed to be transferred to United International.  The hold time continued to well over an hour when we realized that there was no longer time to board the flight.

But since we were already at the airport and had already booked and paid for a hotel room in Hong Kong we thought we might as well try to get there somehow.  The clerk at Thai Airlines told us there was another flight in two hours so we went to another counter to buy tickets. Soon after we were boarded on a flight for Hong Kong.

Thai Airlines was like no other airline we'd ever been on.  The flight attendants were all dolled up in long dresses made of shiny fabric with corsages pinned to their lapels like they were going to their senior prom.  They offered us a hot towel, an assortment of magazines, pillows, blankets and plenty of food during the flight. With a choice of two entree's to choose from we dined on sweet and sour pork with rice and bok choy, a side salad, hot roll and flan for dessert. The Chinese tea was plentiful as was the other drinks to fill our hearts desire.

We arrived late due to the flight mix up at our hotel in the central district of Hong Kong. A boutique hotel called, "Butterfly on Wellington," offered a lovely room that featured felt butterflies clipped to the pillow, sort of their signature theme. 

 A Display At Bangkok Airport

Flight Attendants On Thai Airlines

Normal Uniform For Thai Airlines Flight Attendant

Butterflies On Our Pillows

Hong Kong, China

The South China Sea

Hong Kong Is An Island So Plenty Of Ferry Boats Are Used As
Public Transport To The Mainland

The next morning we met up with some old friends we knew back in Texas who have been living in mainland China for close to three years now.  Micki and Mike moved to China when she was offered a job there and have been there ever since. The four of us did the tourist thing on the Big Bus, a hop on hop off type of tourist bus that showed us around the city.

Micki and Mike

Terry And Clyde

Hanging With Old Friends From Texas Halfway Around The World

The following day Clyde and I continued the bus tour on our own, hopping off at different points of interest along the way.  On our last day in Hong Kong the rain set in and sprinkled on and off all morning. But the nice thing about the huge metropolis is the "sky bridges or foot bridges," that run high above the grid-locked traffic.  No need to step out into the rain when the bridges allow pedestrians a stress free, dry area in which to walk. Complete with shops, restaurants and businesses along the route the overhead bridges run through much of the city.

Taking A Ride On A Sanpan
Posing In Front Of A Floating Restaurant

Streets Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Is Known For It's Gorgeous Skyline
Over 8000 Skyscrapers.....Twice The Amount In NYC
More Skyscrapers Than Anywhere Else On The Planet

Overlooking Victoria Harbor

Found A Cute Park....People Working Out

Trying Out Exercise Equipment For The Elderly

A Photo Op At The Airport
Replica Of A Traditional Roadside Restaurant

Yesterday we made our way back to Bangkok where our house sit with a cat named Po was supposed to begin on Wednesday.  Unfortunately though Po was recently found to have a cancerous tumor on his spine so his owners decided to cancel their vacation. And since we were here to take care of Po for them in their absence our plans had to change.  But Po's lovely owners decided to take care of us and pay for our accommodations here in Bangkok through the end of the month.  So despite our house sit being cancelled with the adorable Po we are thankful for the opportunity to explore Thailand and meet such a great couple and their furry friend.

For the next few weeks we'll be free to explore the Bangkok area of Thailand and enjoy all that it has to offer.  This country is full of wonderful, friendly people, great food, beautiful temples all at a low cost for two budgeted people.......along the gringo trail. หรือคุณหมายถึง (Thai for that last line).

Terry and Clyde are able to "Travel The World House Sitting"  and so can you!  We have created a website to help people who want to learn about house sitting.    Information for both the prospective house sitter and for someone who needs a house sitter.

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