Thursday, December 6, 2018

Another Day, Another Castle.......Oh My!

After our amazing visit to Fatima we followed signs to find yet another of Portugal's many castles in the village of Ourem (or-ahegn). The medieval little village with it's cobblestoned, narrow streets, tiny churches, and hilltop castle was just dripping with Portuguese charm. But since all castles sit high up overlooking the city that they were put there to protect, this one was no exception.

After finding a place to park the car we headed out and up the long, steep hill. Unlike the hoards of people in nearby Fatima, we had this tiny hamlet all to ourselves. With its compact structure and two towers it offered a modern active defense system that protected against enemy fire.
Behind the towers sits a palace that was used by the Count as his home. Nearby the newer structure sits a 12th century castle called, "Abdegas," which was also the ancient name of the settlement.

While the Castle of Ourem was not one of the prettiest we've seen, it was nearby, free and not packed with tourists. Just another exciting day of exploring Portugal......along the gringo trail.

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