Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lost In The Maze....Of Boxes.....

Up before the light of day packing already, since I couldn't seem to sleep.  Clyde slept in a few hours later and is just now waking up to squeeze in between the boxes to get his coffee.  Took three loads of stuff over to the house yesterday.  Nice that it's only a 20-minute drive from the rental house, so things don't have to be packed too securely.  And since we're putting things away as soon as we get them there, most of the unpacking will be done by the time we move the big stuff in tomorrow.

Clyde took some time to set up the closet in the master bedroom, since the rod was bending in the middle with the weight of my clothes.  And then he decided that he'd let me have the whole walk-in closet......for now......and he'd use the one in the guest room. Our plan is to seal off the walk-in closet and have a dehumidifier running full time to pull out the moisture, which will drain outside of the house.  This should help to prevent a build-up of mold on the clothes, since mold is part of everyday life here in the tropics.  There is still room to the side of the closet for another hanging rod for his clothes. Put up a bright new light in the walk-in too but since it has a window we shouldn't need the light too often.

Cleaned the floors with bleach after vacuuming them with a shop vac. A downpour of torrential rains brought severe lightning and thunder that made me jump with every crackle and pop.  The winds picked up and howled through the house bringing in dust and leaves after we were done cleaning.  By the time we got back here I was chilled from the dampness and severe winds, but of course had no other clothes to put on besides the shorts and tank I was wearing.  Since Clyde's clothes are still here I found a long sleeved shirt to wear until the chill was gone.

More of the same today as our plan is to take over all of the little stuff.  Tomorrow we have friends with pick-ups coming over to help us move the big things.  Then we have plenty of time to clean and do a bit of painting on the rental house to make it move-in ready for the next tenants. 

Of course moving into a new place means not being able to find anything for a while, including my darling husband.  The strange setup of this big old house makes it hard to keep track of each other.  But perhaps that's a good thing since we ARE together now ALL the time and we both need a bit of alone time so there are no murders to report, or dead bodies found......along the gringo trail. 

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