Monday, March 20, 2017

The Impressive City Of Edinburgh, Scotland......

While the gorgeous city of Edinburgh, Scotland is surely impressive, the weather is not so nice. Today was our first full day in Edinburgh, our new house sitting abroad position so we took off by foot to explore. What began as a brisk sunny day turned into rain, heavy winds, back to sunshine, then rain, sun, wind, and eventually even some hail. Fortunately for us we had our boots on with umbrellas along with hats, gloves, and scarves to keep us warm.

We roamed around taking in the beautiful architecture that is literally around every corner here. From the moment we arrived at our temporary home yesterday we knew we were going to like this place. And what's not to like since we are staying in the posh Morningside area of the city where sought after property sells for close to a million dollars. Our temporary home has been fully remodeled with ultra modern features, has four bedrooms and is laid out over two floors. It overlooks the busy street filled with trendy restaurants, clinics, leafy parks and so much more. Sometimes we just have to pinch ourselves when we wake up and look around someone else's gorgeous home that we are staying in rent free as house sitters. Many of the homes we have stayed in have been far more extravagant than we ever could afford to own or rent and this one is no exception.

Edinburgh (pronounced edin-burrah with NO G sound) is Scotland's compact, hilly capital with an old town, an elegant Georgian new town, an imposing castle, theater district, green space and so much more.

Enjoy our photos and stay tuned for more of Scotland's capital city.....along the gringo trail.

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