Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Empty Box on the Floor

The clock is ticking, the countdown is on....our bags are packed, ok so not really.  Determined to start packing one day last week I secured a lovely box, started to empty out the china cabinet and came upon Grandma's dishes.  Oh the childhood memories they brought back.  Christmas Eve at Grandma's eating good Polish sauerkraut and kielbasa off those plates, her famous cole slaw, cookies sprinkled with powder sugar and so much more.  Did I really want to take Grandma's dishes all the way to Panama?  Did they need to be put into a box that would go into a crate which would go into a shipping container to make the long journey across the sea? 

Grandma's been gone for years, the rest of the family probably has forgot that I even have these dishes.  But I can't just toss them out.  Can't just dump them off at Goodwill so I did the next best thing.  I called my daughter and asked if she would like to have this antique dish set that belonged to her Great Grandmother, and she agreed to take them, love them and be responsible for them until she could someday dump them off on her son.  So off I ran to take the beloved dishes over to Desiree's apartment and returned home to the empty box on the floor.   Needless to say that ended my packing frenzy for that day

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