Sunday, August 28, 2011

There Must an ending

We have to finish one book before we start another.   Finish the main course before having dessert. Close one door before opening another.  Before every new beginning, there must first be an ending. 

As we say our good byes to friends and family, pack up our boots and cowboy hats for bikini's and flip flops we're deeply saddened.  We traded in the working world for lazy days in the sun  and nights filled with salsa dancing and Spanish lessons.  All those years of  working hard, raising kids, saving money and dreaming of the day when we can retire.  It has finally come!  We should be thrilled that we don't have to go to work tomorrow, so why are we so sad?  Because we realize how hard it is to say good bye to those we love so dear.

It saddens us to no longer be close by for our kids, although they've all turned out to be fine adults with lives of their own who we are very proud of.  Not to be able to see our grandson everytime he learns something new.  To miss out on his first day of school and all the "firsts" that go along with growing up.  To realize that he'll grow closer to the other grandparents since this set of grandparents have gone off on an adventure.  A visit to see this grandma will mean a plane ride to another country. 

Children grow up and leave their parents homes to make lives of their own.  Parents grow old and retire and look for something new and exciting to do.  Since we were fortunate enough to retire early, we are healthy and young enough to enjoy ourselves. We are looking for an alternative to the expensive health care, housing and other costs in the US.  We  hope to find a cheap way to live, while being able to have fun, travel to new places and keep our minds active learning new things. 

So please understand children, family and friends that we are not running away, not abandoning any of you.  We open our house, hearts and arms to all of you.  We ask you all to come visit and share in our new life and adventures in Panama.  We hope you will all support us in our crazy plan to move our lives to a foreign country.  We will be immersed in a new culture, new language and hope to make new acquaintances but they will never take the place of those we've left behind.  We plan to visit often and are no more than a phone call or email away. 

We all have to get older but we don't have to stop living, loving and enjoying this life, since it's the only one we get.  Let's all enjoy life to it's fullest and not be afraid to try new things. This is not our grandparents retirement! 


  1. This is so well written that I actually feel the emotions just jump off the page. I think you have a real talent for writing and you should actually look into the possibility of selling your articles to travel magazines!

  2. Hey Guys, I enjoy reading your blog. Please keep Dave & I updated...........we love you guys!




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