Monday, August 1, 2016

From New Jersey To Thailand.....Let The Adventure Begin.....

Heading out soon for the official start of our new adventure as professional, fulltime house sitters around the world.  We have been in the US for a month now, first in Texas and more recently in my old "hood" of New Jersey. For the past ten days we have been pampered by my sister Maryann, ate way too much food, had a chance to visit with some of my high school girlfriends.  We took a trip down memory lane by seeing our old childhood home, schools, hangouts and more in Jersey City.

Two Sisters....Maryann and Me

Maryann, Tina And Me

A Visit To Lambert Castle, Paterson, NJ

It was interesting for me to hear what my old friends thought of me in high school, which seemed to be different than what I thought of myself. I remember being a bit shy, overweight lacking in self esteem, hoping to blend into the woodwork at times.  So I was a bit taken aback when my friends said things like, "we're not surprised at all that you're travelling the world with merely a few suitcases since you were always outgoing and adventurous." Funny how we get a certain image of ourselves which is not necessarily how others see us.

A Family Grave Where Our "Little Grandma" Is Buried

Still Happy After All These Years....
Posing In Front Of The New York Skyline

406 Danforth Ave.....My Childhood Home, Jersey City, NJ

Sharing memories with my old swim team mate Lenora (Lennie) Butler who today is a successful nurse was wonderful.  Then there was Angela Miracola who lived nearby and we rode the public bus to and from high school.  Another friend Elvira Ippolito who still lives near her old childhood home was part of our small group of friends too and joined us for lunch.  And last but not least is my oldest friend Tina Critelli who has been part of my life since I was only five years old.  It was my Mom that taught Tina to swim since we had a pool in our yard.  And it was Tina's Mom who gave me my love of crafting when she taught us both how to make flowers out of tissue paper, something I have done throughout the years. We were almost sisters since we spent so much time at each others houses and in some ways our families intertwined. 

Back Row: Maryann, Me and Elvira
Front: Lennie and Angela

Because my sister loves to entertain there were hoards of people visiting on weekends and I got to meet some of her friends as well as seeing two of my uncles also. Meals served out by the pool were a fun, relaxing way to mingle, chat and enjoy the company of friends both old and new.

Uncle Joe and Uncle Frank With Me

Ron and Maryann

Lucy Had To Get Into The Photo

I'll keep this short since we are leaving Maryann's house soon for a ride to John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.  Tonight we'll board an Etihad flight for Abu Dhabi that leaves NY at 10:30pm.  There we will have a two hour layover before boarding another flight for Bangkok, Thailand, another 7-hour jaunt. That's where the adventure begins for our month long trek through Thailand that includes a two week house sit later in the month.  Stay tuned for plenty of photos, stories and new adventures as these two gringo's journey though Thailand.....along the gringo trail.

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