Saturday, August 6, 2016

Tigers To Tuk-Tuks And More In Thailand.....

Thailand's tiger population has been dwindling for centuries until someone came up with the idea of a captive breeding program. Today it's known as Tiger Kingdom a fascinating program that breeds tigers in captivity. Because the tigers are handled by humans from birth and fed a regular diet that requires no hunting, tigers are more docile and can interact with humans.

For Clyde and I a visit to Tiger Kingdom sounded like a once in a lifetime experience that we'd cherish forever. The admission price depended on the size of the cat, so we choose a combination of three sizes. After a briefing we were escorted into the first cage with a handler. Carefully we were told where to sit and just how to pet the tiger. If our touch was too light the cat would feel a tickle. We were instructed to stroke the tigers firmly and rub their bellies.

A tiger handler stood nearby the whole time to ensure the safety of us and the tigers. We petted, cuddled with and rubbed the bellies of six different cats. It was truly amazing to lie down with a massive tiger and be able to hear and feel its heart beating.

Our tuk-tuk driver waited for us at Tiger Kingdom to drive us to our next destination. Next we wanted to visit The Lost Empire of Wiang Kum Kam. We toured the little village, ruins, temples and more on a horse driven cart. It was a delightful setting nestled along the banks of the Ping River, and something we really enjoyed.

We stopped for lunch at a tiny restaurant called, "cozy cafe," before taking in some more of the city. I had to try some authentic Pad Thai with chicken while Clyde had ginger chicken with veggies. Each meal set us back a whopping $2.50. I added some iced cappuccino to my meal while Clyde sipped on some Thai iced tea. Our food was yummy with just the right amount of spice.

With each passing day I grow a bit more in love with this lovely country. It's full of warm, welcoming people with smiling faces, big hearts and gentle souls. We have stepped into another world full of Buddhist temples covered in gold, chanting monks draped in orange sheets, and tropical landscapes to entertain the eyes. And the smells of Thailand are those that linger in my nostrils and fill my senses with the fragrance of coffee. Yes,Thailand smells like coffee topped with frothy milk and served alongside a cinnamon bun just waiting to be devoured......along the gringo trail.

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  1. I am SOOO enjoying your adventures!!! keep 'em coming! Gracias!


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