Monday, September 12, 2016

A Rome-Antic Adventure In Rome, Italy......

Since we have a few days off from pet sitting at our house sit in Giavera Del Montello, Italy, we headed to Rome. Despite the old saying that, "all roads lead to Rome," that really isn't the case. But Clyde just plugged the information into his handy dandy phone and the nice voice on the other end showed us the way.

Tossing Three Coins Into The Trevi Fountain

The "autostade" or toll road here in Italy is high tech and smooth with tunnels that go through the mountains. There are even areas called, "Ristops," or "rest stops" that feature restaurants, gas, and other necessities along the way. A few even fill the bridges that cross the highway which is a rather cool way to fill up empty space. An automatic ticket is picked up upon entering the highway and paid the same way. There are no highway attendants jus a machine that dispenses tickets and takes money, passes or credit cards. Good thing because after using the toll road for that length of time our final toll was $40.10, which was way less than we'd expected.

The Autostrade, Italy

Roadside Café On The Bridge Crossing The Highway

The six-hour drive took about seven hours with stops for food and the potty, but eventually we made our way to the ancient city of Rome. Clyde found a great deal on a hotel with free parking, free breakfast, wifi and close to many tourist attractions. The small B&B is called,  City Lights and has just three rooms. While the GPS managed to find the hotel we couldn't because there was absolutely NO sign outside.  Clyde called the hostess who was waiting for us. She directed us there and eventually had to come outside to find us and walk us to the front door. When I asked, "why was there no sign outside," her response was this.  "Oh well because we are just a small guest house so we have no sign."  "But how then does anyone find you," we asked?

Our Hotel Room

Anyway the room is more like an tiny apartment with a fridge, dining table and chairs, glitzy bathroom and is very clean and modern. It's about a 20 minute walk to the Colosseum and then to many other attractions. After the seven hour drive we walked for another 7 hours sightseeing.

Last time we visited Rome it was a stop on a cruise ship so we had just one day here. We managed to see the Colosseum and then high tail it over to the Vatican for a tour.  This time in Rome we headed over to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill first off.  Since it's directly next to the Colosseum we managed to snap a few photos of that too. Along the way we passed what's left of Circus Maximus, an ancient Roman stadium used for chariot racing. At the time the stadium held over 150,000 spectators.

A Museum That Looks Like A Castle And Pyramid

Plenty Of Drinking Fountains Around The City With Clean, Cold Water

Circus Maximus

The Roman Forum was once a massive complex of temples, government buildings, homes, business and more. Considered to be one of the most important archeological finds in the world it's a spectacle to see. While we could have spent many hours there exploring the old ruins, mother nature had other ideas.  After we'd been there a sufficient amount of time a storm passed through bringing chilly temps, heavy rains and wind so we quickly took cover. But we go prepared and had our umbrellas and rain coats so we were just fine.

The Roman Forum

Yes There Was A Swimming Pool

Since it was time for dinner anyway we managed to find an inside restaurant with available seating.  All of the restaurants were suddenly packed as tourists waited out the storm.  Since this IS Italy we dined on pizza and pasta and Clyde ordered a beer.  The massive mug must have held a liter or more of beer for a cost of 12 euros.  While not a big fan of beer I felt obligated for forgo my diet coke and help him drink it.

I'm Not Drunk Already I Blinked

The Colosseum

Roman Arch

To work off our dinner since the rain had stopped we explored some more. Last time we were here the famous Trevi Fountain was closed for restoration so this time it was a must see for me.  While I expected it to be packed with tourists and lovely it was nicer than I'd expected.  Literally built into what resembles a 3-story building the fountain is huge with crystal clear water flowing throughout. 
As the legend goes three coins are supposed to be tossed into the fountain using ones right hand and thrown over the left shoulder. This theory was made famous in the movie aptly named, "Three Coins In The Fountain," with a song of the same name. The fountain was also featured in the film, "La Dolce Vida." So I just had to pose for the money shot while throwing our money away like all the other tourists.

Trevi Fountain....La Dolce Vita

I Found My True Love

The Pantheon

Everywhere we look around the city there's something else to see.  Full of ancient churches, government buildings, plaza's and more it's a lovely city to walk through, despite the hoards of other tourists. We fell into bed exhausted last night hoping for a good nights sleep.  Today we will be out exploring again for a long day of sightseeing on our Roman holiday.....along the gringo trail.

Archeological Sites Around The City

Love Europe For Its Narrow Alleyways And Cobblestoned Streets

Stumbled Upon A Jewish Wedding

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