Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ascending Into Assisi The Birthplace Of St. Francis.....

About one hour by car from our present house sit in Umbria, Italy sits the mountain-top city of Assisi. Most famous for being the birthplace of St. Francis who founded the Franciscan Religious Order, the beautiful ancient city is a sight to behold.

Assisi From Afar

A Museum And Crypt

Born into a wealthy family of a silk merchant in 1181 Francis lived a high-spirited life and even joined the military. But it was after a serious illness where he had a spiritual awakening and a vision that convinced him to go back to Assisi. After a pilgrimage to Rome where he mingled with the poor he gave up his wealth and opted to live a life of poverty. Francis began preaching on the streets and developed a following. Today St. Francis is the patron saint of Italy and considered to be one of the most important religious figures of all time.

This Spot Used To Be A Stahl Where St. Francis Was Born
A Slab Was Found With An Inscription That Explained This

Italian Pastries

Frescos Everywhere

It was around 1000 BC that a wave of immigrants settled into the upper Tiber valley.  They called themselves Umbrians who lived in small fortified settlements on high ground. From 450 BC  these settlements were gradually taken over by the Etruscans. The Romans took control in 295 BC after the Battle of Sentinum and built a series of terraces high atop Mount Subasio. For anyone interested in more about Assisi please refer to the link below.

The Tomb Where St. Francis Is Buried

The Basilica Of St. Francis

Nuns And Friars Everywhere

Streets For Cars And Pedestrians

Panoramic View From Down Below

Assisi is not an easy city for sightseeing with plenty of hills to climb, narrow roads shared by pedestrians along with cars plus tourists. But climb we did to see the gorgeous buildings, breathtaking scenery and step back in time when St. Francis walked these cobblestoned roads. As usual let our photos take you along with us on our journey of today as we explored the streets of Assisi, Italy.....along the gringo trail.

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