Thursday, February 2, 2017

Royal Carriages Fit For A Queen.....

Several friends suggested something that was a "must see" for us while in London, a visit to the Royal Mews. Despite its name which sounds like noise coming from a furry feline, a mews is nothing of the sort.  A mews is a British term describing a row of stables with carriage houses where horses are kept. Put the word, "Royal" in front and it becomes a place fit for the Queen's horses, carriages, cars and more.

Located on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, The Royal Mews is the finest working stable in the world where all of the transportation used by the Royal Family is stored. From formal carriages slathered in gold to an actual indoor training arena for training both horses and riders, it's an impressive assortment of goods. During our visit we witnessed several staff members training, moving and working with the horses which served to remind us that this is a real working stable.

Polishing Harnesses

Clean Stables

A Horse And Rider Going By Outside The Door

The most impressive of the carriages is the massive Gold Stage Coach. Weighing in at 4 tons, it's 24 feet long, 12 feet high and requires 8 horses to pull it yet still can only move at a walking pace. The magnificent work of art cost nearly $8,000 to build in 1760 and is reserved for only the biggest royal occasions.

The Golden Carriage

Headed Into Indoor Training Room

We strolled through the Royal grounds admiring the carriages, cars and horses pretending if only for a brief moment that we were royalty. Then we were jolted back to reality as the cool rains of London sprinkled down upon our heads and we headed for the subway......along the Royal gringo trail.

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