Sunday, July 8, 2012

An Exhausting Day Of Nothing......

Offered to drive a friend and neighbor to the airport a few weeks ago, so he can do the same for us when we visit the states.  Last night his plane was due into Panama City at 8:30pm, but didn't show up until 1am.  Apparently Dallas, TX was surrounded by bad weather which delayed take off for over four hours.  So we were stuck at the airport for five hours, which was not as bad as sitting on a plane grounded on the runway for that same amount of time. We arrived home around 3am and our heads hit the pillow sometime after that.

But as usual I woke up with the first light of day, made some strong coffee and managed to get through the day.  Met up with a bunch of friends at Picasso's restaurant in Coronado for a 10am brunch that lasted for several hours.  Then followed one of the couples home to see their house in Gorgona, to talk away the hours into the late afternoon.  Home by 3pm for a late lunch on the terrace, after which I fell asleep in the chair.  I woke up only to crawl into the hammock for a more comfy nap, waking to the sound of rain pitter pattering on the tin roof above.  I enjoyed the dark skies opening up, bringing a gentle rain to the lush vegetation around me.  The sound of the rain lulled me to sleep like a soothing lullaby, as the gentle breeze rocked me like a baby in a cradle.

As dark settled over the land and Venus nudged me with her snout trying to tell me it was time for her dinner, I crawled back into reality.  Back inside we enjoyed a light meal, I took a cool re-freshening shower and enjoyed a quiet end to another delightful but exhausting day.  Time to hit the sack early and catch up on some sleep before beginning another exciting week....along the gringo trail.

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