Thursday, July 19, 2012

Party On The Playa....

Costa Esmerelda, an exclusive beachfront community on the Pacific Ocean,  provided the backdrop to our beach party yesterday.  Sponsored by CASA (Coronado Area Social Association) the semi-annual event is a time for socializing in a private, gated community that sits directly on the waterfront.  With around 200 members signed up for CASA, this large pavillion is the only place around big enough to accommodate so many attendees.  But since this is summer in North America many "snow birds" are in their home countries now and not in Panamá leaving fewer to attend the July event. 

Bohio's with the water in the background

Nevertheless, there were still around 65 who showed up with a home-made dish to share and enjoy the juicy barbecued chicken prepared by CASA volunteers.  President Louise and her CASA staff did a great job organizing the event and coordinating the food.  There was a nice assortment of appetizers, ample sides to accompany the main course and desserts for those that still had tummy room to spare. 

Large pavillion where party was held

Black and white sand marbeled together on the beach

We mingled with our friends and made new friends from all over the world.  It's truly amazing how many people come to Panamá from all over the world looking for a more tranquil, more economical way to spend retirement.  As we relaxed away the afternoon hours,  the tide rolled in and the pounding waves provided a soothing melody in the background.  Despite a few passing showers the day wasn't a total washout, although the sun managed to stay in hiding.

Beautifully landscaped area at Costa Esmerelda

Admittedly so, we never thought we'd be mingling with retiree's from the Coronado area in a ritzy community like Costa Esmerelda.  But being in close proximity now being that we live in Chame, we've been attending more gatherings in the beach communities and discovering a whole new group of friends.  And to think that just ten months ago we moved to Panamá not knowing another soul and now we know hoards of other expats.

Pool at Costa Esmerelda

Local ladies in our neighborhood.
  Panamanians carry umbrellas for both sun and rain use.

Let's dip our toes in the water, move slow as a snail to our next adventure....along the gringo trail.

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