Monday, January 6, 2014

A Day Of Giving Back To The Community......

One of CASA's (Coronado Area Social Association) big events of the year happened yesterday near the little village of San Carlos. Each year CASA raises money to fill 80-85 bags with food and other necessities for families with handicapped members. The day turns into an event of gringo's giving back a little something to those in need. A local women hosts the event at her home and a nearby church provides food and gifts for the kids too. Live music featuring an accordion and bongos filled the air with festive sounds for all to enjoy. A friend provided a portable photo printer so after pictures were snapped of each child we were able to print them out and give them to the kids, for a nice keepsake.

Local Band Entertaining The Crowd

We blew up balloons and crowned each child with home-made paper crowns that made them feel like princesses and princes.  After the kids ate lunch I suggested to some gringo's that we go out and grab the kids to dance. If there's one thing that ALL Panamanians love it's music and dancing, and these kids were no exception. I think these kids are born knowing how to salsa since some of them showed me a few moves.  But I tired out long before the kids did since they were ready to boogie non-stop again and again. I teased one little boy about being, "my novio," my boyfriend.  Another little boy mastered the art of patting women's butts as they walked by.  At one point he told me that I look like a doll, or something to that effect.  So despite his handicapped he'd still managed to become a smooth talker and admirer of female bodies.

Terry Dancing With Two Of The Kids
JoAnn The Elf Entertaining The Kids

Just like last year the families were extremely grateful to receive the bags full of basics like toilet paper, rice, beans, pasta, canned goods, phone cards, fruit and more.  Each child was presented with a gift also provided by the church to bring a smile to their faces.

Princess Terry and Friends...
The Women In White Organized The Event With CASA

This year Clyde and I felt very comfortable integrating with the kids and their families.  It was fun to chat with them in Spanish, pull them up for a dance and ask for hugs and kisses after the dancing was done. Louise and her CASA staff do a wonderful job organizing the event and we're always honored to be a part of it.....along the gringo trail.

Queen Louise Head Of CASA And Friends

Below are all of the kiddos and young adults

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