Friday, September 9, 2016

The Romance Of Romeo And Juliet.....In Verona, Italy.....

Everyone has heard of the most famous love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet and many of us had to read the Shakespeare version in school whether we wanted to or not.  But what I didn't realize or had forgotten is that the story takes place in Verona, Italy so today we headed there for a romantic interlude.  Filled with hoards of tourists all wanting to stand on Juliet's balcony or touch her statue for good luck in finding their own true love, this place is filled with sappy romantics.

The Famous Balcony Made For Tourists

Romeo?  Is That You Romeo?

A Wall Of Lover's Names And Yes We Added Ours

Inside Juliet's House

Juliet's Bed

One Of Her Dresses....I Have One Just Like This

There She Is.....Juliet

Adding Our Names To The Lovers Wall

Along the tourist trail there is Juliet's house with the famous balcony, Romeo's house and even the tomb of the fair maiden.  Her final resting place is now just a vacant tomb but as the story goes it's where she laid down after drinking poison knowing that she and Romeo could not be together.

Roman Theater

Pretty Bridge Leading Into The Town

But when you think about it this is all rather comical because the story of Romeo and Juliet done by William Shakespeare is fiction, in other words "not true." So then who is buried in Juliet's tomb in Verona, Italy?  And who was the Juliet statue made to look like?

The Duomo

Theresa And Patron Saint Teresa

Notice The Green Bag With Billy The Puppy Inside

Truth be told the famous love story is based on some reality and here's a quick rundown.  There really were two feuding families similar to the Capulets and Montagues (the Capuleti's and the Montecchi's) and there really were two lovers known as Giulietta and Romeo.  Because the two families didn't like each other the kids were forbidden to see each other despite their love for one another. Their relationship came to a fateful ending just like the story.

The Arena

The Arena Is Still Used Today They Were Setting Up The Stage For A Concert

So even though the town of Verona is centered around a fictitious character and story to go with it, tourists travel from all over the world to visit the place.  Since we were within a few hours drive we had to go see for ourselves.

A Castle

Verona itself is a lovely little village of historic buildings, churches, old castles, fortresses and even an arena that was built before the colosseum in Rome. A day of fun in a charming village with my one true love leading the way of romance......along the gringo trail.

Letting The Puppy Out To Potty

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  1. This was truly a fascinating journey and felt I was the 3rd wheel well actually 4th wheel counting in the doggie....thanks for journaling your adventures in Rome!


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