Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Popular Poppi Castle Of Casentino,Italy.......

Just down the road from our present house sit location sits the pretty little village of Poppi.  The former home of the noble Conti Guidi family, the castle sits high up on the hillside.  Dating back to 1169 the magnificent estate is opened to the public during limited times and something we really enjoyed.  Strolling through it's massive rooms, large cement staircases and painted walls we could only imagine what it felt like living in such a massive dwelling. Housed within the structure is even a prison with still has some human remains on display. Ah, what it must have been like to live the life of nobility but us common folk will just have to imagine.  Come with us as we tour the Castello di Poppi in Tuscany.......along the gringo trail.

Outside Front Of Castle Poppi

Heads Will Roll Here....The Guillotine

Every Inch Of The Massive Walls Are Hand Painted

Inside Walls Are Covered With Painted Frescos

Our View From The Bell Tower

Combination Of Brick And Stone

Impressive Staircase

Snow Capped Mountains Of Tuscany

Rain Gutters Catch Water And Recycle It Using A Carbon Filtration System

Beautiful Inside And Out

We Had Lunch At L'Antiqua Cantina

Lovely Décor

Ravioli Rosa....Red Pasta Stuffed With Meat, Cheese And Topped
With Olive Oil And Bacon

Pasta Topped With Wild Boar Sauce....It Tasted Like Ground Beef
Wild Boar Is Commonly Eaten Here

Tiny Chapel Near The Castle

Old Borgo Or Medieval Village

Pieve Ramanica di San Pietro

Old Doors Decorate Front Of This Altar

Castle Porciano....Closed Today

Historic Center Of Town Of Stia

Clyde Being A Paramedic Was Impressed To See These All Over Italy
Automatic External Defibrillators (Here They Are DAE)

Old Cemetery In Stia

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