Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We Landed In London For More Adventures......

Our next round of house sitting adventures takes us to the United Kingdom where we begin in London.  After a short two hour flight from Venice into London Gatwick we picked up our rental car and headed to a nearby hotel. I had to laugh when I looked inside the cute, bright orange Fiat 500 to see the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car. Oh my this would be Clyde's first time driving on the left side of the road, something I'm glad to be avoiding.....or am I?  Turns out he took to it far better than I did. It's freaky to be driving on the other side of the road which seems to throw off my depth perception and makes me think we are going to hit the other cars, even when I'm not the one driving. 

Notice that Clyde is sitting on the wrong side of the car,
The shifter is on the left and........................
He is getting ready to drive on the LEFT side of the road!

We think the rental car agent gave us this bright orange car so
That the Brits could steer clear of Clyde's driving.......

Leaving Gatwick Airport we had decided to spend extra to stay next door at a Marriott Hotel. Because there were no Cell Phone Kiosks in the airport, we did NOT get to purchase sim cards for the phones which would allow us to use our incredibly trustworthy "Google Maps" To get to the hotel.  While we could see it as we drove by we could not manage to find an entrance to the place. Round and round we went in the dark getting more frustrated with each turn. And with each miss of the hotel we ended up further away from it.  Eventually Clyde decided to stop into a convenience store to ask for help. A customer standing nearby offered to take us to the hotel by following behind him.  Clyde was SO thrilled that he grabbed the stranger and gave him a big hug, something the man seemed to enjoy.

The next morning we headed out to a large mall where we could stop into a phone store.  There we would buy prepaid phone chips to enable our cell phones to be used here. After that mission was over we browsed around the huge mall and stopped in the food court for some lunch.  We opted for Subway, something we had not enjoyed since we left Panama.  As we waited for the girl to prepare our sandwiches I was almost giddy inside with giggles.  I was so thrilled to be in an English speaking country and not having to explain in Spanish or using sign language in Italian to get what I wanted.  As we ate and looked around the foot court we realized that we were in a sea of white faces and for the first time in years we just blended in.  That is we blended in until we opened our mouths and they realized that we were not one of them, but instead tourists.

Today we arrived in the Kew area, a suburb of central London where we would spend a few nights in a simple B&B. Our plan was to leave the car and take the "tube" or subway into the city to explore.

Around the neighborhood of Kew
where we are staying 

Entry in to the subway station

  We made our way to the subway then had to change to another one but quickly figured out what we were doing. Our first stop was the famous Piccadilly Circus area which is full of theaters, restaurants, shopping and hoards of Brits out for the evening. From there we walked over to the pier to see the famous London Eye.  A massive ferris-wheel type of structure with large pods that hold up to 25 people each, it can be seen from miles around. Too pricey for our budget at 25 pounds per person we took a few photos and kept going. We strolled along the neighborhoods and found Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the House Of Parliament and other lovely surroundings.

Christmas in London

London Phone Booth

London Double Decker Bus

Since it was time for dinner we stopped for some fish and chips, something that Great Britain is famous for.  We decided to share one meal which was more than enough.  For under 10 pounds we enjoyed a large piece of crispy, fried fish with tons of chips or fries and a drink.

Fish and Chips!

A recent cold spell has London dipping down to frigid temperatures of 40's during the day and freezing or below at night. But we came prepared with down jackets, hats, scarves, boots, wool socks, gloves and layers of clothing.

Terry bundled up
Or as the Brtis say
"Rug Up"

For many years I have wanted to visit London and now we are finally here.  So far we are impressed with the cleanliness, beauty and friendly polite people that call this great city home. Tomorrow we are off to explore more on foot and become one with the Brits as we explore London.....along the gringo trail.

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