Monday, May 22, 2017

Coastline To Castles On Spain's Costa Blanca.....

Just a short drive from our  temporary home in Spain are the clear, blue waters of the Caribbean that stretch along the famous Costa Blanca (white coast). Yesterday we set out to explore the quaint, seaside village of Altea, a stark contrast to it's neighboring city of Benidorm. The coast of Altea is lined with charming little shops, cafes, and white washed buildings all with balconies facing the ocean.

Admiring The Views

Lovely Blue Water Of The Caribbean
But The Water Temperature is Only 19C/67F

Altea Beach

While the beach is rocky it doesn't seem to deter sun worshippers from laying out sunbeds (chairs) and soaking in the salty air. And since this IS Europe topless sunning is accepted here since people seem to worry less about what they look like in public. Regardless of age, shape, or size most women throughout Europe seem to embrace wearing bikini's in public and feel free to pop out their boobies when the time is right. And although I have not yet gone au natural here in public, those of you that know me surely will attest to the fact that I probably will sooner or later.

That IS A Woman On The Right And She Is Topless

A Speed Boat

After strolling along the shoreline in Altea we headed down the road and up the mountain to the picturesque, hillside village of Guadalest. The whole town sits perched high above a reservoir that reflects off the surrounding mountains nearby. The town has just 300 fulltime residents and at one time could only be reached by donkey. But every summer the place comes alive with hoards of tourists that make the drive to be inspired by it's lovely views.
Little Village Of Guadalest, Spain

A Reservoir

The remains of a castle and its tower overlook the bustling village along with various museums and plenty of tourist shops. We toured the chateau that was nearby the castle and roamed through the rooms decorated with period furniture. There was an eerie, ghostly feeling about the place almost like the previous owners were watching us.

Back outside we climbed up to the tower that offered stunning views of the countryside below from several different vantage points. Guadalest is a tiny town with plenty to see that surely wowed our senses. We enjoyed a lovely day out exploring from the seaside to the mountains of Spain.....along the gringo trail.

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