Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Nubian Dance Show, Belly Dancer And A Whirling Dirvish.....

During our time onboard the Nile River cruise there were a few nights of entertainment offered up for passengers. One night was a Nubian Dance show where Clyde was expecting female belly dancers. Was he ever disappointed to find a troupe of bare chested African men performing traditional dance and drum routines. While it started out interesting it ended up rather silly with passengers dragged up onto the dance floor to act silly. And since the main language onboard was Spanish this whole African number took on a Latin vibe with instructions given in Spanish. There was even a gorilla that came out to scare, entertain and cuddle up with passengers including myself. There was only one problem with this scenario. A man dressed in a furry gorilla suit with temperatures of 115 degrees creates one rather ripe and smelly ape that should have been left out in the jungle.

Nubian Dancers....All Men!

Passengers Get Dragged Onto Dance Floor

Clyde Thinks I Am Looking Starry Eyed At This Guy....NOT!

My Smelly Gorilla Friend

On the last night of the cruise dear Clyde was promised a show with a female belly dancer along with a famous whirling dervish.  Out came a pretty, young girl dressed in a lovely, red, skimpy costume who began to move to the seductive beat of the drums. Since I used to belly dance many years ago and Clyde is familiar with belly dance moves,  before long he leaned over to me and said, "she's pretty but she has no technique." True, that she was an attractive young lady who could pull off some sexy moves she was not a belly dancer.

Belly Dancer For Clyde

After she was done like a flash of lightning, in came a traditional whirling dervish, who began to twirl. A young man wearing a dress of many heavy layers, dervishes go into a trance-like state of prayer during these performances. His impressive layers of skirts contained lights that glowed in the darkness of the room and as he twirled he looked somewhat like a flying saucer or carnival ride.

Whirling Dervish In Action

The perfect ending to a wonderful, relaxing and exciting cruise along the Nile River in Egypt.....along the gringo trail.

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