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The Great Pyramids Of Giza.....WOW!

Today was full of amazing moments that brought tears to our eyes along with moments of terror as we took on the Great Pyramids Of Giza. We left our hotel around 8am with a driver and English speaking tour guide for a full day of sightseeing. Our first stop was at Sakkara to see the world-famous step pyramid of Djoser. This vast complex of pyramids, tombs and other buildings is the oldest in the world. We were even allowed to enter one of the tombs with a guide to view the hieroglyphics (holy writings) that decorated the inside.

Step Pyramid Of Sakkara

A Palace

Inside A Pyramid At Sakkara
Artistic Writings

Posing In Front Of A Black  Tomb

Next stop was the ancient city of Memphis, Egypt to see the ruins of a former capital city. Now an open air museum the ruins of this city offer fragments of evidence and information about its existence.

Remains Of City Of Memphis, Egypt

Giant Statue Of Ramses II

These Fake Beard Ornaments Were For Decoration

We Look Like Little Bugs Next To The Massive Statue

The Sphinx Was Through To Guard The City
This Small One Was In Memphis

But we saved the best for last as we prepared ourselves to visit the famous Pyramids of Giza. Our tour guide named Alfy offered us three options for touring the pyramid complex. We could choose to ride a horse, camel or a cart pulled by a horse. The full loop around the complex would take about 90-minutes with stops along the way for photos.

While I wanted to ride a camel my dear husband Clyde was not so happy about the idea but agreed that the final decision would be mine. We were taken to the stables where we could see the animals and even try out a camel before making our final decision. Soon a camel arrived in front of us and was made to sit down close to the ground. I climbed aboard and was told to lean my body back and hold on as the camel came to it's feet. I had NO idea that a camel was SO high off the ground and immediately decided it was NOT for me. We opted for the horse drawn cart as a way to explore the pyramids and soon were on our way.

Ok Yes We Did.....I Had To Try This

But Did NOT Like It.....Help, Get Me Down

Take A Picture FAST.....Now Can I Get Down?

As we approached the pyramid complex that stretched out over the desert the only words that came to mind were WOW! A truly, spectacular view was in front of us and we were about to step back some 5000 years to explore these ancient tombs built for Kings and their families.

We Are Here! The Awesome Pyramids Of Giza

And To Think That Was A TOMB.....
Just For ONE King
His Wife And Kids Were Placed In Smaller Pyramids Nearby

The Sphinx Of Giza...Largest One In The World
This ALL Looks SO Tiny In The Photos

Our guide was also our official photographer and stopped to pose us for photos in just the perfect spots. My eyes were filling up with tears as I looked around and realized where I was and how perfect that very moment was. WOW....was all I could say!

Our Chariot

Look....We Can Hold Up The Pyramids
With Some Creative Photography From Our Guide

A Pyramid In One Hand.....And A Huge Boulder In The Other

Our Guide Was Good....The Rock Is A Small Rock Placed In Front Of The Lens

Our guide took us into the thick sand of the desert closer to the largest of the three pyramids in order for us to TOUCH it. Nearby an Egyptian man wearing a long white robe, head wrap and pulling a camel stopped to talk to us. Offering his camel up for photos he encouraged Charlie Brown, his camel to sit and asked me to stand next to him. Then the friendly man brought over what looked like a towel and proceeded to wrap my head with it, making me look like a local. Being the germ-a-phobe that I am I cringed at the thought of who or what had been wearing this thing. The sweat, germs, head lice etc that was now on my head.....yuk. But I went along with it since this WAS a once in a lifetime experience, being here at the pyramids. Next I walked over to the camel and stood beside him, happy to pose for the photo. Then the man instructed me to sit on the camel's saddle which I did expecting to just take another photo and move on. Before I realized what was going on, I was instructed to hold on and lean my body back as the camel stood up. Holy camel was shear terror for Terry and I hung on for dear life.

Touching A Pyramid

NO....I Already Sat On A Camel....Not Again

What Did I Get Myself Into? And Who Is This Guy In A Robe?

Clyde's Turn With Daisy The Camel

The Man Gave Me The Reins Of Both Camels.....Wait
I Don't Want To Be In Charge Here.....Help!

The REAL Scary Part.....Going Down!

Clyde Looking All Relaxed Here

Camels Have Loooong Legs

And He's Down.....So Easy

If you have never been on a camel the difficult part is when the camel goes from a sitting position to standing, and vice versa. The feeling of falling forward from what appears to be a hundred feet off the ground, onto hot, desert sand is scary.

The man took our camera and proceeded to pose me and Charlie the camel into all sorts of positions, right there in mid-day sun with the massive pyramids in the background. I squeezed my legs tightly around the camel and hung onto the saddle too. My dear husband Clyde was laughing hysterically at my fear, but little did he know that HIS turn was coming.

The Sphinx Of Giza

Kissing The Sphinx.....Some More Creative Photography

Our Guide Through The Pyramids....The Cart Driver

In comes another camel named Daisy, pulled along by another man in a robe. Clyde was instructed to climb aboard and for what seemed like an eternity, we were photographed in every which way possible. Of course before the first friendly man left he wanted money for his photography services which Clyde handed over.

What an amazing day we had finding out, "what it's all about from Alfy," and seeing the historic sights of Egypt. And instead of the famous Clyde the camel we witnessed Clyde WITH the camel, posed perfectly in front of the pyramids of Giza.

Our Guide For The Day....Alfy

Sadly though since 2011 tourism in Egypt has gone way down due to the fear that people have visiting Muslim countries. We have felt as safe here as anywhere we have been throughout Europe, Asia, or even the US. Egypt is safe as long as we use common sense as we would anywhere else in the world. We have been surrounded by friendly, helpful people, amazing ancient sites and treasure just waiting to be explored.....along the gringo trail.,_Egypt

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