Monday, December 18, 2017

The Allure Of The Algarve Region Of Portugal......

After a few days in Lisbon we headed to the southernmost tip of Portugal known as the Algarve Region. For years we have heard friends and other travelers rave about the beauty of this area which is full of retiree's from all over the world. We based ourselves in the city of Lagos (pronounced La-gosh) smack in the center of the historic district. From the third story window of our apartment hotel we looked out on the plaza full of shops, restaurants and people all enjoying the beauty of this seaside village.

These Pictures are from around the town of Lagos

Lunch for 3.50 Euros....Green Vegetable Soup And A Chorizo Sandwich
 On Homemade, Brick-Oven Baked Bread

Since it's always nice to meet up with fellow travelers and like-minded people that retired abroad like ourselves, Lagos was no exception. For several years we had heard about a couple named Anita and Richard who did their own version of slow travel around the world. And a remarkable coincidence is that PRIOR to moving abroad they lived in Corpus Christi, where we used to live yet we never knew each other. Anita worked as a pharmacist in a hospital, someplace that Clyde as a paramedic and firefighter knew all too well while delivering patients. And since I worked for doctors and medical equipment companies, I often had to deal with pharmacies so perhaps our paths crossed at some point? And we even discovered that we had friends in common from Corpus yet we never met until our lives crossed paths here in Portugal.  Anita and Richard's blog can be found at:

Anita and Dick on the right|
Their friends Shelly and Ken on the left

They slow travelled looking for that perfect place to settle and fell in love with Portugal's Algarve Region where they happily live today. It was fun to be welcomed into their world and hear about life in Portugal, a place we surely will be returning to.

These Pictures are of the Living Statue Christmas in Lagoa

While in the Algarve Clyde was contacted by one of his Facebook friends, an Englishman named Mark who has been following this blog for years. Initially Mark found this blog while researching places to retire like Panama and kept following us on our adventures.  He too settled in Portugal in a little town called Alvor, about 30 minutes from Lagos. It was great to meet up with him for coffee and hear why he fell in love with this country that he now calls home. Regretfully, we forgot to take a photo of us with Mark to share here.

This my favorite!  The Grottos of Algarve!

As for the rest of this blog I shall let the photos tell the story of Portugal, its stunning beauty, magical scenery and adventures we are having......along the gringo trail.

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  1. It was so lovely to meet you both during your visit to Lagos and hear that you appreciate everything we find so special about this region. For sure we'll keep in touch and hopefully, we'll see you again in this area! Here's to 2018 and many travels and adventures ahead for all of us!


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