Friday, December 2, 2011

No Rain Today.....

Transitioning from the rainy to the dry season brings a smile to my face and a little burn on the skin.  The past two days have been sunny without afternoon showers, which must mean the beginning of the "green" or "dry" season here in Panama.  We had a great morning of working out at the resort then taking a dip in the pool with friends.  Working on my tan, which usually begins with bit of redness followed by that sun kissed look.


Clyde is roasting fresh tomatoes in the oven and the smell is just wonderful.  It's like living in an Italian Bistro with a pot of sauce bubbling on the stove, hot bread coming out of the oven and a heaping pile of spaghetti on a platter.  But not the case here since he's roasting tomatoes to make salsa to go with chips.  Although an Italian dinner sounds better....nah.  For dinner we had salad with some meat and cheese thrown in for protein.  That leaves open some calories to waste on tortilla chips.  After discovering salsa made from roasted tomatoes at our friends restaurant, he's been on this roasting tomato kick.  But since they're healthy and good for us, who am I to complain?  Ok I'm the wife and it IS my job to keep the hubbs in line, which sometimes means complaining.  He'll read this and make some snide comment insisting that I leave out the word "sometimes." 

Before leaving the resort a truck pulled in with fresh produce for sale.  This is a common practice for Panama for farmers to fill a truck with their produce and hit the road.  Each truck is equipped with a scale to weigh the produce since it's sold by the pound. Clyde picked up a bunch of good, healthy stuff for the week. 

The night air is sending a slightly, cool breeze in the windows for our enjoyment.  As another day comes to an end, the stars are shining bright as the moon smiles down on us.  Life is good for two gringo's just relaxing at home.... along the gringo trail.

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