Monday, May 14, 2012

Close To Home.....

Stayed close to home for Mother's Day after Saturday was spent with friends sipping mango-ritas and eating fish tacos with chips and mango salsa.  A sweet end to the meal with magnificent mango cake topped with cream cheese frosting. 

On Sunday we took care of some long awaited planting around the house.  Clyde had been wanting to separate some of the over-grown plants into decorative planters on the porch.  And he also planted some seeds for cucumbers, Serrano peppers, squash and a pineapple crown. 

Our dog entertained us by chasing lizards in the flowering hedges that run the fence line.  At one point she came out chewing something so we assume that she caught one for a snack.  She manages to self-exercise herself by chasing huge lizards around the property when she's not eating mangoes off the ground.

Later in the day we drove into Coronado to check out a sale on granite at one of the local stores that friends told us about.  We picked up three pieces of granite for future kitchen counter tops, and one for the master bathroom plus the pieces for the back splash, a total of 24 feet....all for $320.  Granite was never affordable in the states but since it's much cheaper here in Panamá I just had to have some put into the house.  So now Clyde has another thing added to his to-do list.  First he has to rebuilt the kitchen cabinets and put in a new sink before he can add the new counter tops.  And as for the master bathroom that has nothing but a single sink hanging on the wall now,  it needs a counter to be built plus two new sinks. 

The leftover mango-ritas made great tasting frozen sorbet last night for dessert, after a dinner of chips and mango salsa.  Moving slow today since it's been raining all morning.  Time to get dressed and head over to the gym for our Monday workout.  The flowers and plants are growing rapidly as the tropical rains blanket them with love.  Time for us to get our sweat on, burn some calories and build some muscle.....along the gringo trail.

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  1. Happy Mothers Day to you! One question about Clyde's "to do" list (along with the counters and cabinets--you wrote that your bedroom has glass in the window, but do the other rooms? Yet? Will they get glass or is it just best so the air can move freely through the house--but what about the rainy season? Also loved seeing Clyde's flower photos!


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