Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gettin Artsy Fartsy....In Panama

"If it doesn't move.....paint it," used to be my motto years ago when I was managing a craft and fabric department back in New Hampshire. But after I stopped working in retail management and life got in the way, I stopped doing decorative painting and crafting.  But I kept telling myself back then that someday when I retired I'd have time to paint again.  So for twenty some years I hung onto the paint brushes and craft paints waiting for the day.  My painting supplies traveled from New Hampshire across the U.S. to New Mexico, then to South Texas and now across the ocean to Panamá.

Skillet Art!

Old Wok repurposed

Call me crazy, but I am going to
put this at the end of our street!

Big Bug on the Table!

The plant is still in shock but
the planter looks nice!

Look out Venus,
she's painting everything!

Last week I painted silly designs and pictures on about six rocks.  Yesterday I painted an old skillet and an old wok that were left out in the gazebo of the house we bought.  Clyde wanted to name our street Mango Street for obvious reasons and also since there's a song by that name.  Since there are no street signs throughout most of Panamá, we knew no one would care if we named ours. Besides the sign will be on our property but near the road.  So today I made a "mango street" sign and even put a few painted mangoes on it.  After that I still had some paint left on my palate, which is a plate covered with aluminum foil for easy cleanup.  So I headed outside to decorate six flower pots sitting on the front porch.  Dots, stripes, squiggles and other odd shapes can be seen all around the property now is a rainbow of colors.  The dog kept looking at me as if to say "come one step closer with that paint brush and I'm outta here." Personally I thought she'd look pretty with multi-colored polka dots covering her brown and black fur, making her a dober-dalmation, but guess she didn't agree.

Yesterday for the first time since we've lived here, I ventured out alone.  Since we're having more plumbing problems Clyde had to stay home waiting for the plumber, who never showed up.  But I drove myself to the gym for an extra long workout, then hung out at the pool chatting to a women that lives there.  From there I headed into Coronado for some leisurely shopping at Machetazo.  I browsed through the shoe department looking for some badly needed sneakers, but didn't find any to my liking.  Shopped for some make-up, nail polish and a new pair of sunglasses along with a few groceries before heading home. 

Clyde called while I was shopping to ask me to pick up some orange and lime jello and cream cheese for a mango mousse recipe that our former dental hygienist in TX sent him.  Gelatin is not too common here but after visiting two different stores, I did manage to find the flavors that he needed.  Cottage cheese is different here too as it's probably made from the local white cheese that to me has an odd taste.  They do sell the Philadelphia brand of cream cheese, but since it's imported it cost more.  The mousse turned out good with lots of mango taste!  And it was nice to have a day of retail therapy,  shopping with no male distractions.

Another online friend, Juli sent him a recipe idea to cut up a pineapple and cook flattened chicken breasts in between the pineapple skins to allow the juices to permeate through the meat.  On the side with this he served veggie and pineapple kabobs for a yummy dinner.

Chicken cooked in
Pineapple Planks

Pineapple Kabobs too!

Mango Mousse

An update from a recent blog about our Panamanian neighbor waking us up at 6am working on replacing his tin roof.  They took off the old tin, replaced the carrioles underneath and then put the old tin back on.  The old tin looks worse now after being mangled off and thrown around by a crew of men.  This is typical Panamanian style with no explanation to us foreigners as to why they'd do this.  Perhaps since he sold the house he's only doing what he has to do, and the new homeowners can worry about the rest.

The horse on our walk
this morning

Good God!  Look at the size of this dead
beetle I found on our walk.

A local man came by earlier today selling fresh shrimp and fish from the back of his truck, so Clyde ran out to buy some.  For $12.00 he bought a pound of shrimp and over a pound of fish.  So right now the shrimp's on the barbie and I'm waiting to eat it.  This is the first time we bought fresh shrimp since we've lived here. 

Time for dinner on the gazebo and then to relax under the stars as another day comes to an end......along the gringo trail.


  1. This beetle concerns me. Not being a gringo and not immersing myself and being a foreigner, but this beetle. Oh boy.
    I love the fact that your dental hygienist gave you the mousse recipe simply because I, too, am a dental hygienist!
    And kudos to Terry for venturing out alone, especially with those beetles out there!

  2. $12.00 bucks for a pound of shrimp and over a pound of fish doesn't seem like a very good price. I just bought the same here in the states for about the same price. I kind of hoped that sea food would be a great deal less expensive. We are contemplating a move to Panama in about three years. We will be spending a couple of weeks there early next year and perhaps even buy a place to vacation in while waiting for my wife to retire.

  3. Clyde here: I admit that I was so excited to see fresh shrimp show up at my front door that I did not haggle the price. Found out later that the going price for shrimp at the market is $6.00. But you have to be there early in the morning before they sell out. And the fish was filleted. So, I was paying for convenience. Your other choice is buy fish and shrimp at the big grocery stores where it has been frozen previously and certainly is not fresh. Food is cheaper here but not that much cheaper.


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