Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Been One Panamá!

Last year at this time Clyde and I were on a plane excited to begin our new lives in Panamá.  With eyes wide open, we jumped in head first not quite sure how things would turn out.  As you all know from a year of blogging, it's been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs.  But with more ups than downs we faced each new challenge as it happened and always managed to see the light.  And since today is also Clyde's birthday we planned a combo anniversary and birthday party yesterday with friends. 

These are all our new friends from Panama
I like to take candid pictures at parties
instead of "posed" ones

Don't even ask how this
"chino" guy got into the party

As two o'clock rolled around, the guests arrived and so did the rain.  What began as a bright, sunny day turned into a deluge of showers.  But this is the rainy season in Panamá, so no frets allowed.  Instead we all just waited it out and took cover under the gazebo, after grabbing some grub to stuff our faces with.  The rain was actually a welcomed relief as it cooled off the temperature.  Blowing through the gazebo giving everyone a light shower didn't stop anyone from eating the yummy collection of foods and dessert items.  It made us all realize how we've adapted to life in Panamá when getting sprinkled with rain doesn't effect much of anything.

Yep!  We made it one year!

Every guest brought a dish to share making it a fun way to try new foods without all the fuss.  A while later after the rain moved away it was time to pull out our anniversary cake and ice cream.  The party wrapped up around dusk as we said our good byes.  With a fridge full of leftovers, no need to cook today as we chill out enjoying Clyde's birthday.

Looking forward to our next year in Panamá which surely will be full of new adventures, good friends and buckets full of good times....along the gringo trail.


  1. What a great year for you! Feliz aniversario a ambos y feliz cumpleaños a Clyde!

  2. This is weird... I left comments yesterday but now they're gone. Either they didn't save or I said something (unintentional, believe me) that was in appropriate and subsequently deleted??


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