Monday, November 25, 2013

Our New Little Addition......

Announcing the arrival of our new baby, well sort of but not really since she has fur.  Since adopting two older Doberman a few months back didn't work out with our older Dober-woman we decided to take the puppy route.  So today we brought home a 3-month old furry, bouncy, bundle of joy that we named Coco. By the way Coco is Spanish for "coconut".

Gotta love that sweet face!

I wonder if I will grow into these feet?

She found her first piece of coconut shell
Gotta start practicing for the big time!

We found a breeder in Panama City that raises nothing but Dobies, and still has our pups Mom and Grandmother too.  He assured us that she comes from good lineage all of who are pure bred Doberman. The breeder even offered to bring the dog to us and we chose to meet him in a public place since we wanted to introduce the girls outside of our property on neutral ground. And since she got sick in the breeders car carrier during the trip over a bath was our first order of business which she seemed to tolerate nicely.

Investigating EVERYTHING

I got a new momma!

Like a typical puppy, Coco is curious and full of energy poking her snout into everything. She watches Venus carefully and tries to run after her until something more interesting distracts her and off she goes. The tiny little 30-pound Dobie has an acre of land to explore, tons of lizards to chase and lots of new things to learn.....along the gringo trail.

Blurry, but wanted to show
the size difference

Chasing after the "big dog"

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