Friday, November 1, 2013

The Seduction Of Words......

After a long day of running around Panama City with friends, we stopped for some cheap Chinese food...$3.50 chicken chop suey and rollos vegetales (egg roles) $3.75 before heading home.  Although I would have loved to crash in front of the television and veg out, it was Halloween night and there was a-party a-waiting! I got all dolled up in my "I Dream Of Jeannie" costume and along with my Master, Major Anthony Nelson, off we went to party at Picasso's in Coronado.

My "Dream of Jeannie"

The crowd was much younger than usual and we only spotted a few people that we knew, so we found a table and sat alone. A few minutes later a women approached our table as asked, "you're name is Terry, right?" to which I answered, "yes."  She went on to say, "my husband and I have been blog followers of yours from way back, two years ago, and you are the reason that we moved to Panama." Statements like that always make me nervous since I don't want to be responsible for someone's decision to move to another country.  We always hope that people do their homework, research, think long and hard before they move here just because we did.  And although we're very happy with our decision to move here, it's not for everyone!

We invited the new couple to sit with us but since they had food and drinks at their table we ended up moving in on them and talked all night.  Since it was hard to talk with music blasting we invited them over for later today to show them our house and talk more. As I've said before the whole experience of this blog has been mind blowing for me.  It's so wonderful to be recognized everywhere we go from this blog and the information that I give to people.  There are so many friends out there that we haven't met yet, and this gives us the opportunity to do so. Some have moved here already while others are still in the process, as we wait patiently for more to arrive.

We offered to take some new friends into Panama City yesterday to show them around the popular tourist sights.  The Panama Canal was our first stop at the Miraflores Locks where we watched a few ships transit that canal, and watched a short 3D movie on the canal operations. After that we stopped for lunch at a favorite Italian bistro before hitting The Amador Causeway, Casco Viejo, Cerro Ancon, Price Smart and Albrook Mall. They were amazed at the gridlock of the city traffic and how well Clyde maneuvered his way around, almost like he was still driving a big, red fire truck.

Terry with Paul and Nancy
A ship just beginning it's journey through the canal

A view of the food court at Allbrook Mall

View of "Panama Centro" from the Amador Causeway

The Bridge of the Americas

The City from Cerro Ancon

A view of the construction of the new
Cinta Costera which will make it much easier
to get into Panama City

Perhaps I need to add a disclaimer to the end of this blog......the author is not responsible for your actions.  Should my words seduce you, lure you, or entice you in to packing up and moving to Panama, you may experience relaxation, lower stress and endless adventures as you set out to create your own adventures.....along the gringo trail.

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