Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Glorious Green Ireland....

Yesterday was a travel day that took us from Edinburgh, Scotland to Dublin, Ireland for more housesitting abroad adventures. Although the flight was a mere 40-minutes it took longer to find a place to buy Sim cards for our cell phones. The only way we manage to find our way around each country is through google maps leading the way. Eventually we made our way out of the airport in our rental car and headed down the road. Since we have a house sit next week near Dublin our plan was to explore the rest of Ireland first and see Dublin while doing the sit.

So Tranquil And Pretty

Stunning Vistas Of Green

St. Mullins Well Is Known For It's Healing Properties
We Trudged Through The Water To Get A Drink

Sights Around St. Mullins

More Glorious Views

Apparently Cows Shed

A Church Along the Way

As we drove along the highway the sights were mostly industrial and not at all impressive. But then we followed along country roads that gave way to spectacular vistas of green. They don't call this The Emerald Isle for nothing. Wow, we had no idea that Ireland was so beautiful!

Our B&B

Dogs At  The B&B
Laying On Each Other
Rocking Horse With Real Horse Hair

We stopped for the night near the tiny town of Borris in a lovely bed and breakfast. Today we made our way to the city of Kilkenny where we toured the castle, walked around it's historic district and seen quite a few churches and other magnificent buildings.

Kilkenny Castle

Views Of Kilkenny, Ireland

From Kilkenny we headed to the seaport city of Waterford. Famous worldwide for its crystal Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland dating back to 914 A.D. Tired from a long day of walking we will bed down for the night here and explore the city over the next few days. Stay tuned for more stunning scenery as we explore The Emerald Isle.....along the gringo trail.

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