Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our Titanic Adventure In Cobh Ireland

Our Titanic Adventure…..In Cobh, Ireland…. When the now famous RMS Titanic ocean liner left from Southampton, England on April 10, 1912, it stopped two more times before heading out to sea. It’s first port of call was Cherbourg in France and then it stopped in Queenstown (now called Cobh) Ireland.

Actually Embarkation Center for the
passengers of the Titanic

Terry's (Daisy) Ticket

Clyde's (Frank) Ticket

Today we stopped in the tiny seaside village of Cobh for The Titanic Experience. After purchasing our boarding passes we were given our tickets. Clyde would assume the identity of passenger Frank Dwan, a 65-year old gentleman travelling to America to visit his children. With a small budget of only 8 euros at the time he would be travelling 3rd class in a bunk bed. I on the other hand would assume the identity of 33-year old Daisy Minahan. Apparently, a wealthy young lass I would be travelling 1st class with only a select group of people for a price of 870 euros. At today’s prices my ticket would cost 69,600 euros while Mr. Dwan’s would set him back 640.

Terry (Daisy) Waiting to Board

Remnants of the Pier that the
ill fated passengers took off from

At the end of our journey we would search the records to see what happened to each of us. Did Mr. Dwan survive or perish? And how about young, sweet, rich Miss Daisy? Our journey began outside on the dock for me while Frank would have been standing lower near the water’s edge with the other 3rd class passengers. We then boarded a tender boat with 123 other passengers who boarded in Queenstown. It would take the tender 45-minutes before the passengers even laid eyes on the magnificent Titanic vessel. From there I would have been escorted to my 1st class state room to live in the lap of luxury for the next six days on route to New York.
Clyde's 3rd class menu

Terry's 1st class menu

Daisy's First Class Room

Frank's 3rd Class Bed and Sink

Among the privileged I would be pampered with Turkish baths, massages, a gym, pool and the finest dining experiences. Frank would share a room with up to eight other people and be served a basic menu with no frills. As this fateful story goes the Titanic hit an iceberg and split in half killing more than 1500 of the passengers onboard. Out of the 123 passengers that boarded in Queenstown (Cobh) only 44 of them survived. Unfortunately, Mr. Frank Dwan did not survive while Miss Daily Minahan did. Thankfully for us we were able assume our true identities and return to our travels through Ireland……along the gringo trail.

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