Monday, April 10, 2017

The Beauty Of Edinburgh, Scotland....

It's springtime in Scotland, well almost, as the sun is shining and temperatures are reaching into the 60's. While Clyde and I are still chilly the locals are dressed in shorts, tees, tennis shoes and heading to the local beaches. Now on our second house sit job in Edinburgh, Scotland we are enjoying a different part of this marvelous city. Near the park that we walk the dog is Fettes College, a prestigious private school.

Saw This Lovely Building In Passing
This Is Fettes College

Lovely Building Of Fettes College
A High School/Boarding School

On our daily walks with Dougal the flat coated retriever we are amazed at how many people fill the local parks. From dog walkers to family outings, groups of Frisbee players, sports enthusiasts and exercisers alike, they are all enjoying the fresh air. Surprisingly we are really enjoying city life with so much to do and see, and with the great bus system we can leave the car at home.

Last week we spent a night on the town enjoying some musical theater, Fiddler On The Roof. For less than $30 the two of us were entertained with top-notch singing in the historic King's Theater. Not sure if it's a common practice in live theater but here in the UK they sell ice cream during intermission.

Kings Theater

Beautiful Domed Ceiling In Theater

This weekend we headed out to the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens to stroll through the lovely grounds. While entrance to the grounds is free, there was a small fee charged to enter the glass houses (known as green houses in American English). The place was alive with locals enjoying the beauty of the gardens in the middle of this historic city.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

A Monkey's Puzzle Tree

Another nearby attraction is the beautiful Lauriston Castle.  This stately 16th century tower house with 19th century extensions sits overlooking the Firth of Forth. The word, "firth" in Scottish English simply refers to a body of water and in this case it connects to the River Forth. Other firths connect to the River Clyde which is named after the world famous firefighter to whom I have a close connection. Ok seriously though, I'm sure the river had it's name long before my dear husband Clyde came into the world. Back to the castle, while it is only opened to the public for tours once a day (a story for another time) we were free to roam around the pretty grounds as so many locals were doing.

Gardens And Lauriston Castle

While chatting to a local woman in the park one day she asked, "have you been to the beaches yet?" In my head I thought, "why on earth would be go to the beach when it's chilly out?" But apparently it's a thing with the locals to drive out to the beach and walk around so to the beach we went. Just a few minutes outside of the city is Cramond Beach. This sandy beach has a walkway out to Cramond Island which is only accessible during low tide. While the day was lovely with temperatures near 70 as soon as we began to walk near the water the winds picked up giving us quite a chill. There were plenty of local children and families hanging out enjoying the sun and breezes but for us it was too cold and we headed back to the car. So much for our Scotland beach experience!

Sights Around Edinburgh

Wonder If All Kids Here Learn To Play Bagpipes?

Flowers Everywhere

Today we headed out by bus into the city center for yet another walk-about. Full of beautiful parks filled with flowers, historic buildings, museums, and shopping Edinburgh seems tiny in comparison to the massive castle that towers above it. The castle can be seen from just about everywhere in the city and serves as a precious reminder of its past. Come along with us as we explore more of Scotland's hilly capital city.....along the gringo trail.

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