Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Me And You And A Boatful Of Brits, On The Red Sea, Egypt

Me and you and a boat full of Brits was the theme for yesterdays outing here in Egypt. When the homeowners hooked us up with some of their friends who do a regular boat trip on the Red Sea we knew we were in.  These folks hire the WHOLE boat plus staff for an all-day outing that includes snorkeling at two different locations,  use of their snorkel equipment, a buffet lunch and some relaxing time on the beach all for around $11 each. And also included was a van that picked us up at our front door to take us to the marina in Hurghada, a 30-minute ride from here where our adventures began.

Another Boat Like The One We Are On

The boat was large with plenty of room to spread out. The lower deck featured a kitchen, bathrooms, and sitting area. Upstairs was a larger area with seats, a sun deck and the drivers seat from where the boat was being controlled. Free coffee and water were available throughout the day.

A Barefoot Egyptian In The Drivers Seat

Terry Among The Brits

Our first stop was off an island where we would follow our guide down into the water to see the marine life below. After gearing up with our snorkels, masks and flippers we made our way down the ladder into the warm, clear water of the Red Sea. With fish in hand our guide temped the local fish enticing them to swarm around us for our viewing enjoyment. He even grabbed my hand at one point allowing me to feed the school of fish that was circling around us.

Our Guide Feeding The Fish
Clyde Feeding The Fish

After the fish feeding frenzy we followed our guide to a coral reef where we viewed a rainbow of colorful coral along with a mix of different types of fish going in and out of it. Back onto the boat we moved to yet another location where the water was rather choppy but the coral was plentiful. There we followed our guide for quite a distance as he pointed out various types of coral along the way.

Underwater World

A while later we were back on the boat again enjoying a buffet lunch of salads, chicken, fish, beef, pasta, rice and other stuff to fill our tummies. Lastly our boat docked at a golden sandy beach where we enjoyed some floating in the water as we chatted with our British mates. 

Smaller Boat Used To Get Us To The Beach

We made our way back to our temporary home in El Gouna by 5pm, just in time to take out our furry friends for their evening walk. Another day of enjoying life in Egypt, near Hurghada on the Red Sea.....along the gringo trail.

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