Monday, August 28, 2017

Valley Of The Kings On The West Bank......

Situated on the ancient site of Thebes along the Nile's West bank sits the sprawling, impressive Valley of the Kings. With the tombs of 63 kings nestled into the side of the mountains this place is amazing. While most tombs can be visited by the public there are only three that are well preserved enough to warrant a visit. A small extra fee was required to visit the most famous yet smallest of the tombs of King Tutankhamun. Because King Tut died at the young age of only 19 his tomb was not yet prepared so it's small but covered in gold.

But before you get excited about seeing photos, this entire site is a NO photo zone, both outside and in. We did buy a package of photos that came with a CD but for full impact of this famous place you'll just have to come and see it for your self.

NOTE FROM CLYDE:  All of the pictures below were taken off of a CD disc that I purchased.  No pictures were allowed at this site.

Out Side Area
Valley of the Kings

Entrance To The Tombs Is In The Side Of The Mountains
And Then Down Underground

Merenpetah Tomb
Pictures Below

King Rameses IV Tomb
Pictures Below

King Rameses IX
Pictures Below

King Tut Tomb
Pictures Below

Back on the ship we lounged by the pool in the extreme afternoon sun. Our guide Hatem mentioned that later that afternoon while on route to Edfu we'd be passing through a set of locks. Later as the ship slowed down we perched ourselves at the bow of the boat on the sundeck for a full view of the lock passage. Who knew there were locks on the Nile River? Surely not us.

Locks Near Esna, Egypt

With our ship barely moving this allowed some local boys in small boats to attach themselves with a rope to the side of our ship. We heard them loudly yelling out, "hola," and "hello" expecting that a boat like this must be full of rich tourists just waiting to toss money down to them. Passengers pretty much ignored the boys which became harder as their yelling got louder and more persistent. Some of the Spanish passengers were egging them on as a form of entertainment.  Other small boats also attached themselves to us and other stopped cruise ships trying to sell everything from blankets, table cloths, shirts and more. You have to realize that with tourism being the MAIN source of income here locals are desperate to feed their families and will come up with any inventive idea to sell their wares to passing tourists.

Boys Selling Things To Ships

Boys Selling Tablecloths Outside Our Ship

We watched as the ship transited the locks, dipping down into a lower part of the river. Since passengers were already outside on the top deck our dinner that night was a barbeque, served in the fresh night air of the Nile. Our ship sailed on to the town of Edfu before it docked for the evening. Another wonderful day on the Nile exploring ancient tombs....along the gringo trail.

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