Friday, December 9, 2016

An Island With 35 Inhabitants, A Castle And Plenty Of History......

Today was a lovely, clear warmish day (around 55 degrees) here in Cornwall, England so we set out to explore the island of St. Michael's Mount. Just ten minutes down the road connected to the village of Marazion there are only two ways to reach the small island.  One way is to walk across the narrow, man-made walkway that is ONLY accessible when the tide is out.  Apparently there is only a four hour window to make it out to the island, look around and get back to the mainland before the tide comes in. The other mode of transport is an amphibious vehicle that transports visitors from the mainland to the island.  We decided to play it safe and take the boat transport instead of worrying about the tide tables and whether or not we'd make it back.

St. Michaels Mount From A Distance

Our Land And Sea Vehicle

Approaching the Island

Up We Go

Ancient Round Houses

Old Cannons On Top

The Castle

Inside the Castle

The Roof Top

The Gardens Below

Have to tell you the story of the missing piece at the top of the corner post.
There was a twelve year old girl who used to balance on the rail grap this top thing and swing out and around to the other banister.  
One day it broke and she plumetted down to the bottom garden.
Looked like about four floors down.  She survived but broke her back and both legs.  The missing piece is still down below.

Although the day was sunny once we were near the water the winds blew strongly making the 55 degree temperatures feel like sub zero, at least to us. While the locals were dressed in short sleeves shirts, some wore shorts and they commented of how nice the day was, we were freezing.  But we went prepared with layers of clothing, scarves, gloves, boots and hats but still felt the cool coastal breezes crawl tickle our innards.

Statue Of St. Michael Who Is Said To Have Appeared On The Island

A Model Of The Castle Made From The Families Champagne Corks Done By A Castle Employee

Man Made Walkway Connecting The Island To The Mainland Only When Tide Is Out

Steps Up To A Tiny Island? Why?

After our morning walk in the woods with Alvin our house sit dog, we headed out in our little Fiat to the town of Marazion. Immediately we noticed a small group of people waiting for the boat and joined them in line. Tickets were just 6 pounds each (about $7.50) for a round trip ticket and soon we were on our way.  The cool vehicle is made to run on both land and water and before long we were floating and headed to the island.  Once on dry land we purchased tickets to tour the castle and church for just 9 pounds each ($11.30).  Apparently during high season when hoards of tourists tour the tiny island there are NO tours offered, just a free for all walk through of the castle. With just 10 other people our small group tour lasted 90 minutes.  We learned about the history of the castle along with tales, ghost stories and more.  While the castle is still inhabited by a couple in the their 60's they open many of its room for tours during the winter season only.

Below is a link with the whole story of the history of St. Michaels Mount along with the castle for those who want to know.  So come along on the tour with us as we explore the fascinating ancient world of St. Michaels Mount, a tiny tidal island with just 35 inhabitants......along the gringo trail.

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