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Fancy A Bit Of Spotted Dick With A Pastie?

Spotted dick, pasties, mushy peas, and toad in the hole are just a few are the strange names of commonly eaten dishes here in the United Kingdom. While the name sounds strange spotted dick is merely a pudding with fruit.  A pastie (pronounced pah-stee) is pastry filled with meat and vegetables.  We did try a few while in Cornwall and found them to be dry, but perhaps there are better ones out there?

Daily Special....A Pastie, Cake And Tea For ONLY 5 Pounds
Probably To PUT ON 5 Pounds!

Some Photos In The Grocery Store

Mince Meat Pies Are Common For Christmas And Cheap

While staying at a bed and breakfast in London we were served crumpets with our tea which were rather lovely, a word now part of our vocabulary. Similar to our English muffins in the US but thicker, crumpets are toasted and slathered with butter. And while we have eaten fish and chips a few times here we have not tried them with mushy peas.  Just as the name implies peas are smashed into a puree and eaten alongside the chips, which of course are just fries.

Scones are another common snack eaten here most anytime with tea. They are a heavy, dense dough pastry sometimes with added fruit. Often they are sliced and served with clotted cream, a type of thick cream which we have not tried yet because it just doesn't sound too enticing.

Besides the unusual food here life in the United Kingdom in December is rather dreary to say the least.  While there is no snow and the weather has been rather mild, that is after we got used to it, the sun rarely peeks out. Yesterday after a week of damp cloudiness the sun made a rare appearance then ran and hid again after a few hours.

We are currently house sitting in Storrington, a large village in the Horsham District of West Sussex, England whatever that all means.  Basically stated we are about 90 minutes outside of London. Storrington lies at the foot of the north side of South Downs, a range of chalk hills that run through England.

Sights Nearby....The Devil's Dyke

The village is quaint with plenty of tiny shops, restaurants, car parks and one large grocery store for all of our needs. And since Brits love to walk there are hundreds of miles of public foot paths everywhere.  Some of the paths run along the back of private homes, through vineyards, across church yards, through wooded areas and more. 

Within a ten to fifteen mile drive are the larger towns of Horsham and Worthing, both which have great outdoor shopping areas. While each town has it's perks we enjoyed walking along the rocky beachfront of Worthing, a lovely seaside city. Complete with a pier of amusements for family entertainment and large move theaters surely the town must be hopping during the summer months.

City Of Horsham

Seafront City Of Worthing
This Is A Shingled Beach As They Say Here.....Rocky

The English Channel

Indoor and Outdoor Shopping Center

A Sand Sculpture

Although we are taking it easy these days just living among the English locals, we are enjoying life. Our current temporary home is a lovely semi-detached house with three bedrooms, three baths with an open concept living-dining area. The outdoor garden area is home to five chickens who produce eggs on a regular basis. But our main priority of being here is to care for Beryl, a female border terrier who craves attention and walkies. With extreme high energy she is a bundle of fur, joy and giggles as we watch her throughout the day. The homeowners even decorated the house for Christmas just for us, tree and all.

The Chickens

Beryl Taking It Easy

Beryl Ready For Christmas

Time now for a spot of tea since it's been a hour since my last cup.  Living the life of the British here in cloudy England, where the sun rarely shines but the Brits make up for it with their sunny disposition......along the gringo trail.

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  1. Enjoying your blog.. thanks for sharing your day to day exploits, whether big or small..
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