Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Stonehenge.....A Prehistoric Wonder.....

Recently we left our house sit in north London and stopped for the night near the famous Stonehenge. We spent a relaxing night in a Holiday Inn and headed to the "stones" the next morning. Located between Amesbury and Salisbury, England Stonehenge receives more than one million visitors per year.  Probably the best known prehistoric monument in the world, it was fascinating to walk in the footsteps of our Neolithic ancestors and wonder how, why and who built this massive marvel.

A Heeler Rock

We were impressed by the well organized way the whole operation was run.  From the ticket booth to the short bus ride that moves tourists from the visitors centers to the stones. Once we exited the bus we followed the well marked, easy to walk path that took us around the stone monument. Clyde downloaded a free app to his phone so we could listen to an explanation about this marvelous giant formation.

These Mounds Are Burial Sites

Sheep Grazing Nearby And More Burial Mounds On The Horizon

Sheep Are Everywhere In England

Clyde putting a new stone in place

Replicas Of The Types Of Homes Stone Builders Lived In

Amazed we were as we rounded the rock formation and realized that it appeared different from every angle. Surrounding the whole area are vast fields full of grazing sheep that walk over the large round and elongated mounds that are filled with dead bodies from prehistoric times. Who is buried there? Who built Stonehenge?  What and how was it used and for how long? These questions still remain unsolved yet still we enjoyed stepping back in time to view this phenomenon as we headed down to the tip of Cornwall for our next house sit............along the gringo trail.

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