Saturday, December 24, 2016

Oh Christmas Tea....In Jolly Old England

Twas the night before Christmas in the UK our home,
as house and pet sitters with so far to roam. 

We travel the world, there's so much to see 
while making new furry friends who need to go wee.

The tea kettle is on, the Christmas pudding is made 
but the sun rarely shines it's just all gloomy with shade. 
Yet out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, 
we rose slowly from the couch to see what was
the matter.

The flames of the woodstove are all sparkle and glow 
and the Christmas tree twinkles with lights and fake snow. 
The quaint little village in which this home be 
is dotted with pubs full of fish, chips and tea.

While out on the lawn that's all wet from the mist
runs a scruffy tan dog just waiting to be kissed.
She chases a ball but longs for a treat, hoping 
that Santa comes soon and brings her some meat.

The full moon shines brightly on the green mossy roofs 
that might well provide padding for tired reindeer hoofs. 
The old chubby man slides down from the sled 
and pops into a pub where he has nothing to dread. 
He orders some ale disguised as a cuppa tea 
then stops into the loo to take a quick wee.

He stumbles and fumbles from too much Earl Grey
and needs to get going to be on his way. 
We heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, 
cheerio and Merry Christmas to all from the UK tonight.

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  1. Why is the aspiring poet? or are you both guilty?
    Merry Christmas. hava à gréât day! let us Know how England spendscChristmas Day.... cheerio!


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