Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Carnival Day Three.....

Carnival day three was spent lounging by the pool after our morning workout.  Then we came home and went to work on some new writing projects.  Many of you, my faithful followers out there have suggested that I turn the blog into a book, so I have taken the suggestion and have started working on one.  Before we moved here, Clyde bought every ebook out there he could find on Panamá.  Some were helpful, but others were outdated and didn't really tell it like it is.  Those of you that know me personally, know that I am a tell it like it is kinda gal, which tends to get me in trouble sometimes. It's the New Jersey upbringing that made me this way I suppose.  When I was working in Texas, a co-worker that was born and raised in Texas, who was apparently shocked by my tell it like it is attitude, started watching Jersey Shore or Real Housewives of Jersey, so she could "better understand me."  I had to laugh when she told me that and tried to explain that Jersey people are really not like those characters on the show, are we? 

Clyde tells everyone that he doesn't like confrontation so what does he do?  He goes and marries a confrontational Jersey girl.  And growing up my mom said to me more than one time, "if the President of the United States, or the Pope was standing here would you talk to him like that?"  To which I would answer, "why not, their just people."  I actually grew up a shy, quiet kid afraid to speak to anyone until I started working in retail.  One of my first jobs when I was 17 years old was in the drug department of Two Guys Department Store in Jersey City, NJ.  Dealing with the public I had to learn to speak up and talk to people. That led to 13 years spent working in retail management, a few years spent as a hairdresser, many years working in a medical office, and lastly a customer service representative for a durable medical equipment company.  To this day my mother still says that I'm too shy to work with the public, yet that's all I've ever done. 

Back to the book ideas, besides a detailed ebook of how to make the move to Panamá, we are also looking into publishing a Kindle book of the blog.  Also I have now been noticed by two different editors of International Living Magazine.  An email I received from one of them yesterday said that he remembered reading my first article and liking it, and he made some suggestions on other articles that I submitted.  It's nice to have my name out there with two editors of a top magazine, that promote the idea of moving abroad.  Panamá is currently one of the top countries they're looking at right now, so I might as well take advantage of it while it lasts. 

Because of this blog I feel obligated sometimes to get out and report on current happenings, like Carnival. And since this is the last day of the craziness, and said to be the biggest day, I think we're going to make the attempt to get out there early before the crowds.  Perhaps if we get through the gates early, we can hang out in a little park in the center of the square, and wait for the crowds to pour in. 

So off we go back onto the streets to get drenched with water, stepped on and pushed around by thousands of brown skinned Panamanians, just for y'all.  And since that type of environment is easier to take with the help of some alcohol, we'll probably have to partake a bit, only for the sake of getting a good story.  So my friends, y'all have a good day at work while we're out partying hard in the streets, living it up........along the gringo trail.

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  1. I am so looking forward to being in Panama. Which city or town is yet to be determined. I was settled on Boquete but then i saw that it gets very cool and is almost rainy everyday even if it is just for a few hours. I live in Seattle washington and it rains and is gray and overcast almost 7 months of the year. I need some sunshine but i melt at about 78 to 80 degrees, can you help me figure a place that might match that.
    I just love your blog and makes me want to get there even faster...
    thanks for shareing


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