Monday, February 13, 2012

Taking It Easy....

Panamanians love to party and they plan all year long for the biggest celebration....Carnival!  Although it doesn't officially begin until February 18th, there have been pre-carnival celebrations popping up, especially here in the town of Capira.  For the past two nights this sleepy little town has come alive with loud music shaking up the neighborhood into the early morning hours.  Throw in a few fireworks and barking dogs, and you can imagine our sleepy nights have not been too restful.  Even with the windows closed and the air conditioner turned on, we could still hear the sounds of human wild-life partying the night away.  Perhaps we need to find some earplugs now if we plan to get any sleep during the week of February 18-22, the official days of Carnival. 

There's a strong presence of Peace Corps volunteers here in Panamá, and we've had the opportunity to meet a few.  It takes a special person to be willing to volunteer two years of their life to help people in a foreign country.  They're put into little villages alone, and have to integrate themselves in the community, learn a new language, get to know the locals and offer them help in various areas.  These courageous young folks live just like the poorest locals, and do without television, Internet, hot water, air conditioners or other luxuries during their two year assignment.  The few we've met have agreed that it's been the hardest but most rewarding years of their life. 

It seems that the temperatures are a bit warmer this time of the year, being the dry season.  The days warm up to 88 or 89 but the nights cool off to the high 70's, and it's breezier these days which helps to cool things off a bit more.  But we still love the weather and certainly are not complaining, since we think it's the perfect climate

Not much going on with us today, just our usual trip to the gym, a swim in the pool and who knows what else.  Just taking it easy, and enjoying our new life in Panamá....along the gringo trail.

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