Monday, November 28, 2011

Our New Home.....away from home

Early this morning we headed over to Punta Chame Resort to try out the gym for the first time.  The price of the gym is $30 a month for one person or $50 a month for the two of us.  Included in this price is unlimited use of the beautiful pool area which makes it a very appealing deal.  Only a 15 minute drive from our house, I can see us spending many days hanging out by the pool.  I can bake it the sun while Clyde has some new tourists to talk to every day.  And it's so close and safe that if Clyde wants to stay home and catch up on some honey-do's, I can certainly go it alone.

The Pool and Pavillion

Pool and Restrooms/Showers
We passed on water aerobics and headed straight into their brand new gym.  Once inside we found seven weight machines and some free weights.  Unlike other machines I've used at gyms that only perform one exercise, each of these machines was good for two to three different exercises.  Someone told us that the owner of this resort is or was a "power lifter" and that's why he put only weight machines into this gym and no cardio equipment.  Apparently he tells people if they want cardio go take a walk or do laps in the pool.  And being a "weights" girl myself this place was right up my alley!

WOW!  What a pleasant surprise

Waiting for the rain to stop

Afterwards we showered, changed and hit the pool for some relaxation.  Clyde had cornered a mother and daughter from Canada and was telling them our life story.  Anyone that knows my friendly husband, knows that he LOVES to talk and when he finds someone willing to listen, they become a captive audience.  They were here on vacation checking out Panama as a possible retirement haven for mama, and were interested in how and why we ended up here.  After a while the rain set in and we dried off and headed out to find some lunch.  An accident on the highway caused a traffic backup for many miles, so instead of heading home we went the other way and stopped to eat.  After lunch since traffic still backed up, we headed out to do some exploring.  We finally made it home around 3 pm to see what other trouble we could get into.

We found this roadside furniture store

Future Head Board

What an eclectic bunch of furniture!

I love rustic furniture like this and would love to have a house full of it.  Of course there were no prices on this stuff, and these hard surfaces would be rough on the butt after a while.  But it's fun to just look and get ideas to put on Clyde's honey-do list, since he has plenty of time here......along the gringo trail.

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